Artopoulos, Leonidas | Greek Mathematics, Statistics

Leonidas Artopoulos has been a part of the Archimedean Upper Conservatory Mathematics Department faculty since 2014. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics with specializations in Applied, Pure, and Computational Mathematics, and a Master’s Degree in Pure Mathematics from the University of Athens. Before joining AUC, he tutored both high school and college students in mathematics and the sciences. His passion for teaching is grounded in the belief that helping students develop mathematical understanding fosters the growth of critical thinking, and that this mathematical thinking is a valuable asset that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

Bardoutsos, Olga Ed. S. | Assistant Director, English, Fundraising

Educational / Professional Background Information:

  • Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership, Florida International University 2013.
  • Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language Florida International University 2007.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and French Literature from the University of South Florida, Tampa Florida, La Sorbonne, Paris, France one-year abroad.
  • 30 years classroom experience in teaching English and/or French in Greece and the United States mostly with High School Students.

Teaching Experience

Once I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to do live in a multicultural, international environment. It began with my passion for foreign languages, which took me to Spain and France where I studied Spanish in Salamanca and French at La Sorbonne in Paris. I was fortunate enough to have been able to travel through Europe immersing myself in all its wonders. When I returned to the United States I formalized my education in French Literature as well as Business Administration. I moved to Greece and taught English and French in foreign language institutes until I eventually started my own language institutes. I continued teaching and managing the schools until we moved to the United States. I moved back the year Archimedean Schools opened in 2002. I have been working with the Archimedean schools in different positions since then. Most importantly I have been sharing with your children my love of languages and diversity. I hope to inspire them to look deep into themselves and others and to work for their dreams. Learning how to motivate and serve students is my life vocation. I look forward to working with your students for as long as I can be a productive and effective member of the Archimedean Upper Conservatory’s mission.

Teaching Philosophy

We are all unique and yet the same, high school is the time in students’ lives when they are defining who they are, what they stand for and what they stand against. In the process they are discovering themselves, the world, philosophies, sciences and the arts. Emotions run high, and these students are passionate about their future. All students come to school with the desire to do their best. No one comes to fail. I believe a teacher’s vocation is one to inspire students to be successful in whatever role they aspire, to encourage the dishearten, to foster genuine communication and understanding with each other and to respect and embrace our differences. Our work is to teach them well by giving them the tools to discover their passions, guide them in the maze of decisions towards higher education and then get out of the way while they move on.

Boukas, Lambros | 5th Grade | Greek Mathematics

Dr. Boukas graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. In 1998, he then received his PhD in Computer Science from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He then accepted a full time lecturer position in the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering at the University of Aegean, researching computer science. He was responsible for parallelization meteorological forecast code for the National Meteorological Hellenic Center (same non parallel code run in Olympics Atlanta ’96), and created the parallel Princeton Ocean Model and parallel effort of the Climate Model MESSy (Max Plank Inst. of Chemistry). He has been with Archimedean Academy as a Math professor for several years with experience in lower and upper elementary.

Brodermann, Christian | History

This is my first year teaching at Archimedean, but a life well-traveled and focused on teaching others has prepared me well to teach my students to live in a world full of diversity tolerantly and with respect for other cultures through their history. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Florida International University in 2014 after extensive dual-enrollment work and a Master’s Degree from the University of Miami in International Studies, with a focus on foreign policy. My published works include “The United States, The Russian Revolution, and The Paris Peace Conference”, and “The Ukraine Crisis: An Eclectic Analysis”.
Prior to joining the faculty at Archimedean Upper Conservatory, I taught history courses at St. Agatha Catholic School here in Miami as well as English as a Second Language and American Culture at IES Becerrea in Galicia, Spain. I hold a Florida Educator’s Certificate in Social Science Grades 6-12.
I love to travel, see historic landmarks all around the world (the best place I’ve been is Moscow, Russia. Go ЦСКА Москва!), debate current events, actively participating in the political process, cooking, and have a large collection of vintage video games, consoles, and computers (my favorites are the Sega Dreamcast, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Commodore 64).

Byko, Adam | English Language and Literature

I am thrilled to be joining the Archimedean team for this 2020 school year. A Pittsburgh native, I first moved to Florida after completing my BS in English at Slippery Rock University. In Florida, I pursued my MFA in creative writing as a Provost Fellow at the University of Central Florida. At UCF I honed my craft as a fiction writer, publishing ten short stories in national literary magazines, while also teaching the first-year composition at the college level.
At Archimedean, I look forward to helping students engage mindfully with how writing works in real-world contexts, while also sharing my own passion for writing and literature. When not teaching or writing, you can find me watching NBA basketball, drinking too much coffee, and courting non-lethal encounters with alligators.

Caban, Jana | Biology, Environmental Science

I have the privilege of being a part of the Archimedean Upper Conservatory since September 2015. During this very short time I had fell in love with the school, my professional colleagues and my students. Teaching in such school is an honor.

I had completed my education in my country, Slovakia, where I had graduated from the University of Presov, with Master Degree in Education, majoring in Biology and English Literature. I have taught for 15 years now focusing on Biology, Environmental Science, Microbiology, and Human Anatomy and Physiology. During my career time, I had taught in private, public as well as charter schools.

Teaching in AUC is a rewarding experience where every day is a learning experience for me as well as for my students. Being able to guide, encourage and educate our young generation and future is exciting. I believe the most rewarding moments come when you see your students grow, learn, accept the responsibility and at the end succeed.

Castaño, Diana

After working in the exciting and fast paced world of the fashion industry as a Fashion Designer, I started this amazing teaching career in Medellin, Colombia my home town in a renown college called EAFIT. After teaching there for a year, I was referred by a friend in the year 2000 to a catholic bilingual private school called Cumbres a world wide organization led by the Legionaries of Christ (Everest Academy in Michigan, Overbrook in New England, Oaklawn in Wisconsin), so I eagerly happy accepted. I worked in the Elementary and Middle School teaching English and Science for almost 10 years where I won several honorable mentions as “English Teacher of the Year.” Then, I was offered the position to be the Coordinator of the English Department, this was a more administrative position where I had the chance to overview the school from a different perspective and serve the teachers on the English team. My functions were to observe classes, design exams, create and teach strategies to help our English department grow and enhance the learning of this second language in this strict and hard working school. My experience there came to an end in the year 2008 when my family and I decided to come back to Miami. I applied for my daughters here at Archimedean because of a wonderful Greek friend that I have that recommended the school to us with no reservations. The doors were widely opened by Mrs. Moysidis to whom I owe the honor of being here today. I started as a substitute teacher for the Middle school, and sooner than later I was being called by Mrs. Simpson to fill the position of Art teacher in the Elementary. Before I knew it, Mrs. Demopoulos also offered me the position for the Painting and Drawing Elective in high school where I have also been teaching for the past 4 years. I have been with the Archimedean family since 2009 serving the Safety Patrol Team, Year Book Club, and leading fundraisers during special occasions of the year. I feel honored and grateful to all three schools, which have helped me reinforce my educational philosophy to teach, educate and form the “being.”

As a teacher, I believe in the importance of teaching our students through the modeling of principles, and moral values, in order to facilitate their development in becoming trustworthy, supporting, friendly, successful and secure individuals. I am also aware of the important objective of maturing strengths, interests, and the personalities of each student according to their talents and potentials, so that they can achieve high academic standards and pursue success and happiness in life.

I have been teaching since the year 2000 and I believe that art correlates strongly with higher achievements in math and reading; which parallels perfectly with our schools being conservatories of Math and the Greek language. Art also teaches students life skills such as decision making and self-confidence and helps children to understand that there are multiple perspectives and different ways to interpret the world. Thinking creatively will prepare my students for the future as they acquire problem solving skills that will increase school success; for example in the development of hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness abilities that architects and engineers use throughout their careers.

I thrive and work continuously searching for standards of excellence in my intellectual, human and spiritual formation, keeping in mind my passion because Art is everywhere, art is everything, art makes us smile and fills our world with color…”Life is art, paint your dreams.”

Darvoudis, Athanasios | Greek Language

Dr. Athanasios Darvoudis has been teaching Modern Greek at the Archimedean Upper Conservatory since 2016. He worked at Diagnostic and Support Centers for students for 8 years, in private and public schools in Greece for 12 years and as a school principal for 5 years. He was president of the Panhellenic Association of Special Educators for 4 years. He received a Bachelor Degree in Pedagogy (1991), a Master Degree in Social Psychology & Social Psychiatry (1997), a Ph.D. in Special Education/Learning Disabilities (2010), and a Master Degree in Educational Administration and Management (2015). He has written two books, chapters in other books and a lot of articles for scientific journals and papers for scientific conferences. He taught in seminars and workshops for primary and secondary education teachers and he taught for two years at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki a six-monthly course “Computers in Special Education”. He has extensive experience in supporting students and parents.

He believes that motivation and challenges are very important factors for learning and success. So, he is trying to increase his students’ motivations for learning and their study skills in order to improve the knowledge of Greek Language and their cognitive and metacognitive skills. He uses cooperative learning and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to increase the learning outcomes.

Dasteridou, Magdalini | Greek Language

My educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Philologyfrom the University of Ioannina, Greece, a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Educationfrom the Democritus University of Thrace, Greece, and a Master of Liberal Artsfrom the Harvard Extension School (Field of Concentration: Foreign Language, Literature, and Culture). To further my professional development, I attended many workshops, seminars, and conferences, such as the two seminars on Social Psychiatryfor MA degree candidates, held by the Center of Social Psychiatry and Health (Alexandroupolis, Greece, April 1996 and June 1998,) the Summer School on Teaching Classics, held by the ARLT, at St. John’s College, Durham, England (2006,) and the three-phase drama workshop entitled The Ancient Greek Drama in the Secondary Education, held by “Desmoi,” the Center for the Ancient Greek Drama-Research and Practical Applications (Greece, 2007-2008).

Demopoulos, Demetrios | AUC Principal, Statistics & Mathematics Competitions

Demopoulos, Demetrios: M.S. Computer Science, B.S. & M.S. Computer Engineering

I joined Archimedean at its beginning, in the summer of 2002. Based on my engineering background, this was not an ordinary step, but it is consistent with my interest in learning and communicating knowledge and ideas. I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s of Engineering from Patras University in Greece with a degree in Computer Engineering and Informatics, and my Master’s of Science in Computer Science from Rice Universityin Houston, Texas. In 2005 I joined the graduate program.of Education of Mathematics and Science at the University of Miami.

My interest in education and learning has been strong since my early college years and is manifested in 16 years of studies, research, and teaching in the universities of Patras (Greece), Rice (TX), Miami (FL) and Florida International(FL). Since 1997, I have been acquiring valuable experience in teaching students of several ages and levels (from 1st grade to undergraduate) in different courses, mainly in Mathematics, Greek, and Computer Science. Through my working experience in the corporate world, both in Greece (Advanced Informatics Ltd.) and in the U.S.A. (Intel Corporation), I gained significant knowledge and understanding in market dynamics, management, customer relations and communication.

Since my early school years I developed a strong interest in mathematics. This interest was further strengthened through my involvement in the Hellenic Mathematical Society. While in high school, I received the bronze medal in the Panhellenic Mathematical Olympiad twice (in 1987 and 1989). In the summer of 1990, I represented Greece as a member of the national team in the 31stInternational Mathematical Olympiadin Beijing, China. My interest in mathematics matured later during my undergarduate and graduate studies and research in the area of Theoretical Computer Science. First at Rice University, and then at Archimedean, my passion for mathematics found an outlet in teaching.

While teaching at Archimedean Academy, I was given the opportunity to take upon several leadership roles (chair of Mathematics department, chair of grade level, chair of EESAC) and I got directly involved with the curriculum development and planning of the school. In 2008 Archimedean opened its senior high school, Archimedean Upper Conservatory, and I was honored to be offered the position of the founding Director of the school.

My objective as the leader of Archimedean Upper Conservatory is to create a culture of respect, open-mindness and competitive spirit, where education is highly valued. I am taking great pride and joy to see our students growing wiser and being succesfull, individually and as a whole. The ranking of our school in the Top 10 high schools in the state of Florida within its second year of operation, is an evidence that success is not a matter of age, but rather a matter of dedication, hard work, and wisdom.

Donabella, Micaela| English Honors

After finishing my graduate seminar hours in Buffalo, New York last May, I moved to Miami to pursue teaching work and complete my master’s thesis. Soon after my relocation, I discovered the Archimedean team, and eagerly accepted the offer to join. Prior to my graduate work, I served as a middle school tutor and teacher’s assistant with AmeriCorps in Wilmington, Delaware (2017-2018), and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Creative Writing (2013-2017). My research concentrations include twentieth-century modernism, disability studies, and political criticism. In Archimedean, I’ve found a perfect way to blend my love for education and my literary interests.

Erayil, Praseena | Mathematics

I joined Archimedean Upper Conservatory in 2011. I have a Masters Degree in Mathematics and a Bachelors Degree in Education. My educational philosophy is that all children can learn in a safe and positive environment. I strive to challenge all of my students and have created a differentiated classroom, fitting all types of learning styles. My students are treated as individuals and flourish throughout their personalized curriculum.

As a teacher I hope to motivate students in ascertaining their inner strength and abilities and discovering what truly inspires them. I aim to provide a stimulating learning environment that encourages students to trust their own opinions and foster confidence in order for them to realize their full potential. I have learned that if students construct their own learning experiences, they will not only retain information longer, but they will also become more confident in their abilities.

Being devoted to this assertion confirms that I have made the right career choice for myself. I love working with children and will continue to strive to be a positive influence in their lives. I am looking forward to another great year of teaching and learning at Archimedean Upper Conservatory.

Galanopoulos, Efstratios | Physics

I am a physicist who graduated from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Then I followed postgraduate studies in physics at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece where I earned an MSc and a Ph.D. in physics. I continued my research in Nuclear Astrophysics (experimental) at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece working as a postdoctoral researcher. I also continued the same research at TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY in College Station, Texas.  My latest appointment in research was at the Foundation for Research and Technology, Heraklion, Crete. I have also been working as an educator in Greece in various positions since 2010.  I have been teaching Physics in Archimedean Upper Conservatory since 2018-2019.

Galouka, Athina | Greek Language

Athina Galouka has been born and raised in Athens, Greece and she is a mother of two daughters.
Athina has completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Philology at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece and on 2013 she got enrolled in her Master’s in Education M.Ed at the Hellenic Open University in Greece. She has been a qualified teacher for 29 years; for 20 years in Geitonas private High School and for 7 years, in public High Schools after she sat on the competition of ASEP.
She has been teaching Modern and Ancient Greek, Literature, History, Latin, Philosophy. She was also an Examiner appointed from the Ministry of Education for the University Entrance Exams.

She has participated to numerous seminars and conferences, she has given speeches, she has organized cultural events, she has written and presented several essays/articles regarding Modern and Ancient Greek Literature, History as well as Poems which were published in literary journals. On 2008 during Summer UoA-in cooperation with Western Washington University-in Ithaca, she was awarded for her poem and a cover essay ‘Ithaca the modern destination”. On 2014-2016 she studied and obtained knowledge level B1 on Biblical Hebrew. From 2016 until now she has been teaching Modern Greek Language, History and Culture at the Archimedean Upper Conservatory. During these past two years as part of her job, she wrote an extended, analytical Vocabulary for each separate Unit of the books Klik A1-A2, Klik B1, and Klik B2. Her aspiration as a teacher is to inspire her students to engage with the Greek culture and to instill the values of respect, excellence, and progress in an environment that employs dedication and motivation, that builds intelligence plus character.

Gomez, Kathleen | English Language & Literature

After attending Archimedean from kindergarten to 12th grade, I am particularly excited to come back and begin my career as a teacher in the school I grew up in. After 13 years spent at an institution dedicated to math and science, I pursued my passion for studying Literature and went to Florida International University and received a Bachelor’s degree in English. As a graduate of FIU’s Honors College, I value the idea of interdisciplinary studies and look forward to hearing the ideas students will bring in from their other classes and how they apply those ideas to Literature. I can’t wait to learn from the students and to help them learn and appreciate a subject I am passionate about. Seeing Archimedean grow since 2004 has been a special experience and I am excited to be part of that growth again, this time as a member of the faculty.

Ibarra-Rivera, Lisa | Biology & College Counseling

Half Guatemalan, half Dutch Antillean, and a true “yu di Korsou,” I was born and raised on the Caribbean island of Curacao, a cultural melting pot just like myself. It was here that a love for culture, nature, traveling, and artistic expression grew out of practice and experience. Though I grew up a beach baby, I had an early fascination with ants, millipedes, and the uninhabited bush area or “mondi” that surrounded our home where I followed lizard tracks, scoped out parakeet nests, and built secret hiding places among the cacti. Growing up in an area with European, African, Latin American, and even Indonesian influences that pervade everything from the food to music and through my family travels, I learnt to appreciate the natural world and the varying cultures in ways that still hold my attention today.

In ninth grade, I moved to Florida to star in my own version of “Saved By the Bell.” I finally had air-conditioned classrooms, campus clubs to join, and lockers to hold books in (just like in the movies), but I was surprised to see how far ahead my curriculum back home had been, especially in the fields of mathematics, science, and foreign languages. I quickly discovered honors and A.P. courses and welcomed the additional challenge and the hard work soon paid off as I headed to the University of Florida. Here, I pursued a degree in Psychology, with a concentration in neuroscience and a minor in anthropology while sample various additional courses in the areas of mathematics and fine art, even completing a semester abroad in the Netherlands, an experience I feel every college student should take advantage of. After working as a scientific illustrator and helping head a family business, I decided to return to school at Florida International University to pursue my second bachelors degree in the biological sciences while working in a genetics laboratory doing research on population genetics and dabbling in some more psychology & philosophy coursework for fun. There philosopher and logician Dr. Xerohemona introduced me to Archimedean and the rest is history!

At Archimedean Upper Conservatory, I have had the opportunity to help organize and sponsor various student clubs, lead the evolution of the college office and admissions program, and am also honored with teaching some amazing students biology. It is with great excitement that I see a solution to what frustrated me so much upon my initial foray into American high schools and I cannot begin to brag enough about the education available to students at this school. I remember traveling home during my high school years and seeing the peers I had left behind reading literature in French while I was still just learning how to use the past tense and speaking of mathematics that would not make sense to again me until freshmen year of college. No doubt, Archimedean has managed to pull together the best of the U.S. curriculum and infuse it with the rigor and challenge of many European systems, establishing a truly unique curriculum that not only delves into enriching fields not covered by most high school students such as Modern and Classical Greek, math taught in a foreign language, and philosophy, all of which cause college admissions personnel to turn heads, but also pushes students to develop greater maturity, solid study skills, and handle a more sophisticated and deeper level of material than most ever will.

It is amazing to see the students’ critical thinking skills and wisdom developing beyond the norm and at such amazing rates. I am convinced from hearing the comments of outsiders who have seen our students in action and watching the amazing and enriching experiences of our students in their summer activities and throughout their college years, that Archimedean is giving our students a significant leg up on not only local, but also global, competition and opening up doors and opportunities for our students that even they are not always yet able to recognize themselves.

Personally, I believe there is nothing more empowering than, as the saying goes, “biting off more than you can chew, and chewing anyways,” and my wish is for our students to realize the thrill in learning and the excitement of discovering the world around them. I hope to continuing being a person that can help these future leaders not only build dreams, but also make them come true and am truly proud to be working at an institution where learning and growth are the priorities and where the leadership, teachers, and staff’s daily altruistic sacrifices and personal dedication to each student are unparalleled, inspiring, and clearly making all the difference.

Kafkoulis, George | Mathematics Volunteer

Kotsyfos, Georgios | Greek Mathematics

Georgios Kotsyfos was born in Heraklion of Crete in 1992.
He studied Mathematics at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in which he graduated with honors. He has also successfully completed his post-graduate studies in pure Mathematics. He speaks Greek (mother tongue), English, German and he is familiar with several softwares. He taught at Department of Mathematics as a Teaching Assistant and he tutored undergraduate students in several undergraduate courses. He has a well-regarded history of working in financial services industry as well as a good background in Finance. He is interested in the fields of Tourism, Maritime and Gastronomy. In his free time he likes to watch movies, reading and working out.

Leon, Hector | Mathematics

Mr. Leon received his Bachelors degree (2011) and Masters degree (2013) in Mathematics from Florida International University. He’s been teaching at Archimedean Upper Conservatory since August of 2013, and teaches Geometry Honors, Pre Calculus Honors, Calculus Honors and AP Calculus AB, and assists with AP Calculus BC.

Lopez, Horby | Music, Guitar

Marquez, Nimia | Music, Chorus

Ms. Marquez was born and raised in Cuba. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and Worlds Ahead Graduate from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music and a Master’s in Choral Studies. Ms. Marquez has performed as a professional choral singer in countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, and the U.S. For more than 20 years, she has taught voice, piano, and music theory to students of all ages, pre-k through college.

Ms. Marquez joined the Archimedean family in 2014 teaching general music in Archimedean Academy and the elective Chorus class in Archimedean Upper Conservatory. She is the founder and choral director of the Archimedean Academy Chorodia. Ms. Marquez is a member of NAfME, FVA, FEMEA, DCMEA. Her goal as a teacher is to help the shaping of well-rounded professionals that understand, support, and value the arts.

Menendez, Kaitlyn | Language Arts

I am honored to be starting my first year teaching at Archimedean Upper Conservatory and first-year overall as an educator. My educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a focus in Literature and a minor in Education from Florida State University. Currently, I am obtaining a Master’s degree in Linguistics at Florida International University with strengths in Syntax and Semantics.
I have always been fascinated with the art of language and find joy in sharing knowledge.

In my experience of being a teacher assistant, I have found engagement through active participation, a positive/encouraging environment, and established rapport with each student are three philosophies that instill a foundation for optimum success in the classroom. I hope to learn as much from my students as they learn from me.

Merino, Kristen | History

Kristen Merino has been a member of Archimedean Upper Conservatory’s Humanities and Social Studies Department faculty for nearly seven years, and has been teaching in this field since 2003. She is currently teaching the Advanced Placement World History, Advanced Placement European History, and Advanced Placement Art History courses. Her academic background is diverse, with a grounding in both the sciences and the humanities, and this interdisciplinary foundation is evidenced in the courses she teaches.  Moreover, Ms. Merino has been the faculty sponsor and coach of the AUC Euro Challenge team since 2011.

Morgante, Agostina | Philosophy, College Counseling support

A native from Argentina, Agostina Morgante Giuliani has always had a passion for philosophy and the art of discussion. Having done her high school in the most prestigious school in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she completed the first year of university in the pathway for a Bachelor’s in Philosophy at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. The plans for her family changed and she moved to Miami in 2006 where she was accepted at the Honors College at Miami Dade College where she completed her Associates Degree of Arts and Sciences in Philosophy. From this institution, she was accepted at Florida International University’s Honors College where she completed her Bachelors of Arts and Sciences in Philosophy—by completing a thesis on Baruch Spinoza’s theory. As she was a junior in College she was accepted to start the Masters of Liberal Arts in Liberal Studies with a concentration in philosophy, art history and religion. She graduated with this degree during the spring of 2012—by completing a thesis on the application of Native American tribes’ principles of womanhood on the daily lives of modern women.

From 2012 on, Agostina has been part of the Archimedean family. Her roles in the school are diverse. She teaches philosophy—Semantics and Logic, Political Philosophy and Women’s Studies—, is the coach of the Model United Nations team and the Assistant Counselor—assisting with college and school program application as well as with monitoring the progress of the students at Archimedean Upper Conservatory.

Panneerselvam, Kalaiselvi | Chemistry, Science Olympiad

Dr. Kalaiselvi Panneerselvam: I have a medical degree from India (M.D) and a Master’s degree (M.S) in Biology from Florida International University, Miami, Florida. As a Doctor I was not only involved in practicing medicine but also in teaching people of all ages about hygiene, general health, good eating habits etc. And as a graduate student, I was involved in teaching Anatomy, Human Biology, Immunology and Histology labs for three years at FIU. After my graduation, I worked for three years at University of Miami as a Researcher at Neuropathology department, doing primarily tissue culture and training people in various culture techniques and biochemical assays.

I joined the Archimedean Academy in 2006, as a science teacher with a unique opportunity of teaching Science for my son at his school. Given the Research background and Teaching Experience at University level, I promised the school President Dr. Kafkoulis that I would be working for only a year. He just smiled, nodded and accepted me. Now I know the reason behind his smile (it has been four years now and I am still teaching at Archimedean). I feel I could have not made a better decision. I feel a sense of contentment teaching science to younger kids. I am also proud that during my teaching our school has topped the FCAT Science exams in Grade 5 and Grade 8 in Miami-Dade County. Besides FCAT preparation, teaching science at different grade levels in middle school I also teach the Labs for our AP Biology program.

Given the right push, proper conditions and guidance I believe that young people have the great potential to become anything they want. My teachers believed in me many years ago in India and showed me the path to success: good work habit and a steady recognizable routine. I want to encourage the students at Archimedean the same way my teachers did so someday they all will be successful in life as I am today.

I also believe that competition sparks the student interest and improves their education and achievement. It is only through competitions we can identify young people who have both the interest and aptitude in a particular subject area. Because of the above-mentioned reasons and much more I am involved in the Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, The Science Fair and History bee competitions respectively. Under my guidance our Archimedean science teams has represented the State of Florida at the Nationals in Denver, Colorado for Science Bowl and University of Illinois, Urbana for science Olympiad competitions.

Rodriguez, Manuela | Trust Counselor

Manuela is a proud native of Miami with Colombian roots. Manuela graduated from Florida International University in 2009 with a Bachelors in Psychology. In 2012, she graduated with her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University. Alongside her academic career, she worked in the classroom setting on campus at both Universities with children ages 2-18. Manuela has provided therapeutic services in the school, home, and private practice setting. She works with parents and young children of diverse ethnic and/or socioeconomic backgrounds. Manuela has experience in education, family therapy, and research. She collaborates with the community and enjoys networking with partners for professional development.

Rodriguez, Monica | ESE Specialist

Monica Rodriguez graduated with honors from Florida International University in 2005 obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education K-6 with an ESOL Endorsement. In 2018 she obtained the Exceptional Student Education K-12 Certification and is the final process of completing her gifted certification. Mrs. Rodriguez has been privileged to be part of the Archimedean family since the 2011-2012 academic school year. During this time, she has held numerous responsibilities including first-grade reading/language arts teacher, science/social studies teacher, reading interventionist, grade-level chair, EESAC Committee member, gifted renewal specialist at the elementary level, interim ESE Specialist, and new teacher mentor. Most recently, she has taken on the role of ESE Specialist for Archimedean Schools. She believes the fundamental goal of teaching is to foster the love of learning in all children.

Stergiou, Antonios | Greek Language

Antonios Stergiou has been teaching the Greek language at the Archimedean Upper Conservatory since 2017. He was born in Serres, Northern Greece, and he decided from his early childhood to become a teacher. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Classics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a Master of Arts in Linguistics and Literature. He has been teaching the Greek language, literature, and history as well as Latin and Ancient Greek language since 2002 in the city of Xanthi where many students are non-native speakers. He has been involved in pilot projects of teaching Greek language and literature to non-native speakers in collaboration with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He planned school projects about ancient Greek drama through gender studies. Additionally, he participated in conferences as a speaker for literature and has written several articles in Greek literary journals about literature and linguistics and a chapter of the collective book “Soon, We are Getting Stronger” with regard to the teachers’ experiences about teaching literature. He is planning to impart his love for the Greek language to the students of the Archimedean Schools and instill in them the best elements of Greek culture, enriching their cognitive experience of similarity and dissimilarity so as to become worldly-wise and tolerant to diversity. He also intends to not only teach but to be taught by the new students and the new country.

Theodorakidis, Efthymios | Athletic Director, Physical Education

I have earned a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki Greece and a Master of Arts in Physical Education from Western Michigan University in Michigan. I worked for 10 years as a physical educator for primary and secondary public schools in Greece and since 2008 I have been working as a physical educator for Archimedean Upper Conservatory. In 2011 I was also assigned the position of Athletic Director for Archimedean Middle Conservatory and Archimedean Upper Conservatory. Through my every day communication with our students I try to guide them to be physically active and make healthy lifestyle decisions.

Timpilis, Dimitris | Greek Mathematics | Theatre

Dimitris Timpilis has been teaching Mathematics at Archimedean Upper Conservatory (AUC) since 2014. In 2019 he was selected, by The National Society of High School Scholars, as a “Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction,” for excellence in teaching and for the encouragement of and dedication to the academic success of students at AUC.

He received his education in Greece, and he has a Bachelor of Science (Cum Laude) in Mathematics from the University of Patras, with specialization in Mathematics Education, History, and Philosophy of Mathematics. He has a Master of Arts (Summa Cum Laude, Valedictorian) in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (HPST) from the University of Athens (UOA) and National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). For two years he was a Ph.D. student in Social History of Mathematics at the UOA and NTUA before leaving for the US. His previous teaching experience includes ten years as a mathematics teacher at Praxis Private Preparatory School in Athens, and sixteen years as a private mathematics tutor for high school and university students. In 2013 he was the co-designer and co-instructor, along with his doctoral advisor, of the graduate course “Mathematical Modeling: Social and Cultural History” at the Department of HPST at UOA and NTUA. From 2006 to 2010 he organized and directed, as a volunteer, the “Club of Infinity,” a study and discussion group comprised of twelfth-grade students and university students majoring in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, and Economics. The topics of research and discussion included the notion of Infinity in Mathematics and Science, Intuitionist Mathematics, the Foundations of Mathematics, History, and Philosophy of Mathematics, and the Sociology of Scientific and Mathematical Knowledge.

His primary objective when teaching mathematics is to help his students develop their critical thinking and be able to demonstrate this ability in the social sphere. It is his conviction that the mathematical way of thinking, deductive reasoning, is the bedrock of logic, science, philosophy, and democracy.

Since 2016, Dimitris Timpilis has also been teaching Theatre at AUC. He has a professional certificate in Acting from the Contemporary Theatre of Athens Drama School and a professional certificate in Theatre Direction from the Experimental Stage of the National Theatre of Greece. He also has several college credits in Film Direction from New York College in Athens, Greece. He has worked as a professional actor and performed at the ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, Odeon of Herodes Atticus, National Theatre of Greece, and other theatre stages. He has also worked as a professional director in theatre productions (National Theatre of Greece, Municipal Regional Theatre of Patras, Embros Theatre, et al.), and as an actor and assistant director in short and feature-length films.

When teaching theatre, his objective, besides for students to learn the art of theatre, is to facilitate his students’ confidence. Theatre is enabling them to address an audience and express their opinion publicly. His students learn how to work as part of a team, be leaders, and also implement their organizational skills, imagination, and creativity. Finally, the students learn how to understand the human affairs presented on stage, or happening in real life, by placing them in their historical and sociocultural context.

Furthermore, Dimitris Timpilis was a professional comics artist (script, drawing, and color), was published in various books and magazines, and participated in comics exhibitions in Greece, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Italy. His work includes “Dog Tales” (2005-2007), a comic book series of stories about the ancient Greek cynic philosopher Diogenes of Sinope, and “Hotel Infinity” (2008-2009) that was inspired by the paradoxes related to the use of the notion of Infinity in Mathematics, Science, Philosophy, and Theology. Both comic book series was published in 9; a comics supplement magazine in the Saturday edition of Eleftherotypia, a, then, major daily Greek newspaper.

Torres, Liset | Philosophy, English

Liset Torres began her teaching career when she joined the Archimedean family in 2013. She has taught a variety of courses, ranging from Ethics and World History to Spanish.  Ms. Torres graduated Summa Cum Laude from Florida International University with a double major in Criminal Justice and Philosophy. In her studies, she focused on philosophy of law and public policy and was recognized by the Philosophy Department for her accomplishments. She was inducted to Phi Beta Kappa in 2012.

Trainor, John | Economics

John Trainor began teaching Economics at Archimedean Upper Conservatory in August 2016.  After a 27 1/2 year career which included work in sales, marketing, strategy, and finance at IBM Corporation, he “retired” from IBM but did not retire.  For several years he worked as his family’s homemaker, assembling meals, chauffeuring three young sons, and helping them navigate middle and high school.

He studied some economics as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Psychology.  His interest flourished later at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, now called Chicago Booth, where he earned an MBA with concentrations in Finance, Economics, and International Business.  There he encountered, learned from, and was inspired by many distinguished economists, including eight winners of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

He enjoys economics for its sometimes puzzling and often counterintuitive insights and for its usefulness in understanding daily life.

Yamron, Todd | History

Mr. Yamron grew up in Anaheim a stone’s throw from the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland. He was born in Bellflower, California. In high school he excelled in Social Studies, participated in Kiwanis Bowl as well as student government, and played the alto saxophone in band. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics with a minor in History from the University of California at Santa Cruz (Go Banana Slugs: Voted America’s Favorite College Mascot) and a Master’s Degree from California State University Fullerton in Political Science.

Prior to joining the faculty at Archimedean Upper Conservatory, Mr. Yamron taught Advanced Placement and honors courses in Texas, Arizona, and Florida, as well as government at Tarrant County College and Texas Tech University. He holds a Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate in Social Science Grades 6-12.

Mr. Yamron’s hobbies and interests include America’s national pastime (both playing and as a spectator), traveling to historic landmarks, debating current events, participating in the political process, perfecting the art of cooking, coaching athletics, and entertaining his 9 year old canine companion, Jake, a standard schnauzer.