Darvoudis, Athanasios

Darvoudis, Athanasios | Greek Language

Dr. Athanasios Darvoudis has been teaching Modern Greek at the Archimedean Upper Conservatory since 2016. He worked at Diagnostic and Support Centers for students for 8 years, in private and public schools in Greece for 12 years and as a school principal for 5 years. He was president of the Panhellenic Association of Special Educators for 4 years. He received a Bachelor Degree in Pedagogy (1991), a Master Degree in Social Psychology & Social Psychiatry (1997), a Ph.D. in Special Education/Learning Disabilities (2010), and a Master Degree in Educational Administration and Management (2015). He has written two books, chapters in other books and a lot of articles for scientific journals and papers for scientific conferences. He taught in seminars and workshops for primary and secondary education teachers and he taught for two years at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki a six-monthly course “Computers in Special Education”. He has extensive experience in supporting students and parents.

He believes that motivation and challenges are very important factors for learning and success. So, he is trying to increase his students’ motivations for learning and their study skills in order to improve the knowledge of Greek Language and their cognitive and metacognitive skills. He uses cooperative learning and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to increase the learning outcomes.