Building your Resume_Guidance

Building Your Resume

Why make a resume? A resume is a formalized “brag sheet” that allows you to quickly show college admissions representatives, employers, scholarship benefactors, and summer, internship, research, and volunteer program coordinators all your high school scholastic and other accomplishments, abilities, and interests. It’s a quick and easy way for college admissions officers to see how…

Guiding Philosophy_Guidance

Guiding Philosophy

It is A.U.C.’s ambition to help each and every student pass successfully on to college or university that best suits her or his personality, aspirations, and interests. Matriculation into high school, its augmented expectations, the transition into adulthood, increased personal responsibilities, the identification of individual strengths, and the college choice and application process can be…

Applications Mistakes to Avoid_Guidance

Application Mistakes to Avoid

Your college application is the one chance you will have to put your best foot forward, prove your maturity, attention to detail, quality of workmanship, and academic competitiveness, and convince a university or college that it should accept you over all the rest. With limited seats and financial aid available, your dedication to properly filling…

Summer Programs and Activities_Guidance

Summer Programs & Activities

High school graduates-to-be beware: Summers are no longer for wasting your time away It certainly is not what it used to be… Something different is happening in the college admission scene: the competition is expanding, allowing colleges to become much more choosy than ever before! With the internet allowing students to apply to more colleges,…

Archimedean Upper Conservatory

Welcome to AUC

The Archimedean dream began with a desire of a committee of Greek and Greek-American residents in Miami, Florida, who aspired to establish a series of educational institutions that attend, in an unparalleled manner, to the academic, social, and moral growth of its students. After the immense successes of its kinder-elementary and then middle schools, Archimedean Upper Conservatory, a conservatory of mathematics and the Greek language, joined the Archimedean family of schools, opening its doors in August 2008.