Faculty, Employees & Administration


The Board of Directors via the authority vested by the M-DCPS Board is responsible for all aspects of the School’s operations.

Dr. George Kafkoulis, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, (volunteer), supervises the operation of all Archimedean Schools.

Each Archimedean School has its own structure in the respect of instruction, managed by the Principal/Directors, while the business aspect of their operation is managed by the Chief Executive Business Officer and a group of administrative personnel common for all schools.

The Principals/Directors oversee the instructional faculty, the curriculum, the school improvement plan, parent/student relations and make recommendations to the Board regarding personnel decisions.

The Chief Executive Business Officer (CEBO) of the Archimedean Schools is responsible for the Financial and Accountability oversight of the Schools and supervises all administrative personel. The CEBO reports directly to the President of Archimedean Academy Inc.



Principals/Directors of Archimedean Schools

•    Principal Archimedean Academy, Dr. Jose Armando Martinez Melendez. 
•    Vice-Principal Archimedean Academy, Dr. Rosarie Jean. 
•    Principal / Director Archimedean Middle Conservatory, Afshin Mirhaj,
•    Director Archimedean Upper Conservatory, Demetrios Demopoulos.
•    Assistant Director Archimedean Upper Conservatory, Olga Bardoutsos. 

Academy Faculty

Abreu, Rebecca


Antonopoulou, Evgenia

Greek Language

Bolivar, Natalie

English Language Art

Boukas, Lambros

Greek Mathematics

Boxer, Alexa


Carbia, Jose


Castano, Diana


Coogan, Martiza


Drymona, Nikoletta

Greek Language

Exarchou, Violetta

Greek Mathematics

Georgiou, Alexandra

Greek Mathematics

Goffman, Joyce


Hemingway, Kathryn

English Language Art

Hernandez, Laura

Science | Social Studies

Kishinevsky, Sandra

Language Arts | Science | Social Studies

Konsta, Anna

Greek Language

Kordy, Mehrnoosh

American Mathematics

Koulouri, Panagiota


Kralievits, Christos

American Mathematics

Labrada, Josefa

American Mathematics

Lazo, Adrienne

Science | Social Studies

Lozano, Daisy

Language Arts | Social Studies

Marquez, Nimia


Martin, Florence

Language Arts | Social Studies

Mesimeri, Aikaterini

Greek Language

Zervos-Morales, Maria

American Mathematics

Oropeza, Jenny

Language Arts | Social Studies

Papadopoulos, Ilias

Greek Mathematics

Pappa, Maria

Greek Language

Paraskos, Ariana

English Language Art

Parra, Natalie

Language Arts | Social Studies

Pena, Vanessa

English Language Art

Quintana, Dorlaine

Science | Social Studies

Ramos, Michelle

Language Arts | Social Studies

Regan, Leilani

Language Arts | Social Studies

Rodriguez, Monica

ESE Specialist

Schimer, Jason

Physical Education

Schlindwein, Anelise

American Mathematics

Silvestros, Michella

Greek Language

Taratsa, Eirini

Greek Language

Tsilivakou, Evangelia


Varela, Jessica

American Mathematics

Vazquez, Jorge

Physical Education

Middle Conservatory Faculty

Chacko, George

Grade 8 Geometry

Chin, Warren

Physical Education

Colon, Betty

Grade 6 Mathematics

Constantinidou, Rhodia

Grade 7 Algebra Honors

Cumbermack, Naida 

Grade 8 English

Estrada, Marinela


Hendrickson, Thomas

Grade 8 World History

Louidor, Stephanie

Grade 7 Science

Lynch, Katie

Grade 7 English

Mertzanis, Pantelis

Grade 7 Greek Mathematics

Mitsou, Georgios

Grade 8 Greek Mathematics

Montz, Danielle

Grade 7 Philosophy

Pournara, Anthoula

Grade 6 Greek Mathematics

Rodriguez, Manuela

Trust Counselor

Rodriguez, Monica

ESE Specialist

Rosales, Anais 

ESE Specialist

Roussis, Charisse

Grade 6 US History

Shahin, Sarkis

Grade 8 Science

Solis, Jonathan

Grade 6 Philosophy

Stergiou, Antonios

Grade 7 Greek Language

Sykopoulos, Avgoustinos 

Grade 8 Greek Language

Winkle, Cassandra

Grade 6 Science

Wrves, Cecile


Zakharia, Toufic

Grade 7 Civics

Zentelis, Aristeides

Grade 6 Greek Language

Upper Conservatory Faculty

Artopoulos, Leonidas
Greek Mathematics

  • BS, MS Mathematics.

Bardoutsos Olga
English Language Arts, French Language

  • Ed. Specialist Educational Leadership, MS TESOL, BA Marketing and French Literature.

Byko, Adam 
English Language & Literature

Boukas,  Lambros
Computer Science

  • Ph.D.  Computer Science, BS Mathematics.

Caban-Klepacova, Jana
Biology, Enviromental Science

  • MS  in Biology, MA English Literature, BA in Psychology and Pedagogy

Castaño, Diana

  • BA Fashion Design | Visual Arts

Darvoudis,  Athanasios
Greek Language

  • Ph.D.  Special Education, MA Educational Administration and Management, MS Social Psychiatry, BA Education

Dasteridou, Magdalini
Greek Language

  • BA Classical Philology, MA Liberal Arts

Demopoulos, Demetrios
Mathematics & Statistics

  • BS, MS, Computer Engineering and Informatics, MS Computer Science

Erayil, Praseena
American Mathematics

MS Mathematics

Galanopoulos, Efstratios

  • MS,  Ph.D. Physics

Galouka ,Athina
Greek Language

  • BA Classical Philology

Gomez ,Kathleen 
English Language


Ibarra-Rivera, Lisa
Biology & College Counseling

  • BS Biological Sciences, BS Psychology

Kafkoulis, George
Mathematics Volunteer

  • Ph.D. Mathematics

Kotsyfos, Georgios
Greek Mathematics

  • MS Mathematics

Leon, Hector
American Mathematics

  • BS Business, MS Mathematics

Lopez, Horby
Music,  Guitar

  • Music | Guitar

Marquez, Nimia  
Music, Chorus

  • MFA Choral Conducting, BA Music Chorus

Merino, Kristen

  • BA History

Morgante-Giuliani, Agostina

  • MA in Liberal Studies

Panneerselvam, Kalaiselvi
Chemistry, Science Competitions

  • MS Biological Sciences, MD

Rodriguez, Manuela
Trust Counselor

Rodriguez, Monica
ESE Specialist

Theodorakidis, Makis 
Physical Education & Athletic Directoir

  • BS, MS Physical Education

Timpilis, Dimitrios
Greek Mathematics & Drama

  • BS Mathematics, MA History and Philosophy of Science, Ph.D Candidate Social and Cultural History of Mathematics

Torres- Fernandez, Liset
English Language Arts & Philosophy

  • BA Criminal Justice and Philosophy

Trainor ,John

  • BA Psychology, MBA

Yamron, Todd  

  • BA Politics, MA Political Science

Management Team

Chief Executive Business Officer (CEBO): 

  • Dimitrios Bardoutsos  

IT / Plant Manager: 

  • Nicolas Roussi   

ACC Director: 

  • Makis Theodorakidis   

Athletics Director: 

  • Makis Theodorakidis   

Pre-Kindergarten Director: 

  • Dana Brooks   

Administrative & Campus Support Team

Office Support Team

  • Administrative Secretary: Claudia Orellanos   
  • AUC Registrar & Secretary: Anitha Shetty   
  • AA & AMC Registrar: Ruth Bouliakis   
  • Secretary: Cynthia Paraskos   
  • Secretary & Lunch Program Support: Wendy Abdulmesih   
  • Receptionist: Phyllis Santalucia   
  • Receptionist: Kathryn Pedraza   
  • Printing Office: Olga Rios   

Accounting Support team

  • Bookkeeper: Elizabeth Hernandez   
  • Cashier/Collections: Maria Baron   

Plant Management


  • Grounds Lead CoordinatorLuis Monzon
  • Maintenance: Robinson Martinez
  • Maintenance: Alexander Gil

 IT support

  • IT Support:     Enrique Grijalva
  • IT Support:     Jairo Cabanilla

Custodians Support team

  • Custodian:  Adriana Castaneda
  • Custodian:  Yanlay Hernandez-Sanchez
  • Custodian:  Marleny Paiz
  • Custodian:  Maite Rodriguez

Lunch Program Support Team

  • Lunch  Manager/Cook:    Jaime Farfan
  • Lunch  Cook Assistant:    Isabela Medrano
  • Lunch  support assistant: Cesar Bornacelli
  • Lunch  support assistant: Edilia Hands Arocha
  • Lunch  support assistant: Carmen Martinez
  • Lunch  support assistant: Yosmel Pavon
  • Cashier:  Mila Obredor
  • Cashier:  Maria Arango