Demopoulos Demetrios copy AUC Faculty

Demopoulos, Demetrios | AUC Principal, Statistics & Mathematics Competitions

M.S. Computer Science, B.S. & M.S. Computer Engineering

I joined Archimedean at its beginning, in the summer of 2002. Based on my engineering background, this was not an ordinary step, but it is consistent with my interest in learning and communicating knowledge and ideas. I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s of Engineering from Patras University in Greece with a degree in Computer Engineering and Informatics, and my Master’s of Science in Computer Science from Rice University in Houston, Texas. In 2005 I joined the graduate program.of Education of Mathematics and Science at the University of Miami.

My interest in education and learning has been strong since my early college years and is manifested in 16 years of studies, research, and teaching in the universities of Patras (Greece), Rice (TX), Miami (FL) and Florida International(FL). Since 1997, I have been acquiring valuable experience in teaching students of several ages and levels (from 1st grade to undergraduate) in different courses, mainly in Mathematics, Greek, and Computer Science. Through my working experience in the corporate world, both in Greece (Advanced Informatics Ltd.) and in the U.S.A. (Intel Corporation), I gained significant knowledge and understanding in market dynamics, management, customer relations and communication.

Since my early school years I developed a strong interest in mathematics. This interest was further strengthened through my involvement in the Hellenic Mathematical Society. While in high school, I received the bronze medal in the Panhellenic Mathematical Olympiad twice (in 1987 and 1989). In the summer of 1990, I represented Greece as a member of the national team in the 31st International Mathematical Olympiad in Beijing, China. My interest in mathematics matured later during my undergarduate and graduate studies and research in the area of Theoretical Computer Science. First at Rice University, and then at Archimedean, my passion for mathematics found an outlet in teaching.

While teaching at Archimedean Academy, I was given the opportunity to take upon several leadership roles (chair of Mathematics department, chair of grade level, chair of EESAC) and I got directly involved with the curriculum development and planning of the school. In 2008 Archimedean opened its senior high school, Archimedean Upper Conservatory, and I was honored to be offered the position of the founding Director of the school.

My objective as the leader of Archimedean Upper Conservatory is to create a culture of respect, open-mindness and competitive spirit, where education is highly valued. I am taking great pride and joy to see our students growing wiser and being succesfull, individually and as a whole. The ranking of our school in the Top 10 high schools in the state of Florida within its second year of operation, is an evidence that success is not a matter of age, but rather a matter of dedication, hard work, and wisdom.

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