Archimedean-Athletics Mission Statement


In Archimedean Schools we recognize the importance of Athletics in the educational process of our students. Being advocates of the strong link between academic excellence and participation in Athletics, we offer an environment full of opportunities for character development and sports skills improvement while competing as members of our school athletic teams. In our schools, athletics and academics work hand in hand in building positive characters. Under the guidance of our experienced coaches our student-athletes learn the importance of time management as both academics and athletics require maximum effort and commitment.

In Archimedean Schools’ Athletic Program our student-athletes are exposed to a variety of activities through which they explore their talents and decide about the environment that serves their athletic interest better.

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towards teammates, coaches, opponents, spectators, the schools involved and the sport itself.


with fair and honest performances and outcomes, positive conduct by athletes, administrators, officials, supporters and other stakeholders, on and off the sporting arena.


taking ownership of what needs to be done to reach success and excellence without making excuses, blaming others, whinging and complaining.

Relentless and Unconditional Strive for Excellence

n every aspect, level, part, side, and characteristic of participation in Archimedean’s competitions.

Pride in Archimedean

We are beneficiaries of a tradition developed by all the efforts of all those who have come before us. Our achievements add to the Archimedean Pride and continue the tradition.

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