AMC Athletics Important Forms

Please find below necessary forms useful for participating in Athletics with Archimedean Middle Conservatory.
All student-athletes interested in participating in AMC-Athletics need to submit the form(s) below to the A.D. The form has to be signed by the parent/guardian and the student-athlete.

This form should be submitted to the A.D. once a year


When needed, the parent/legal guardian must complete this form and submit it to the coach after the completion of the athletic event. Without this form, the athlete needs to return to school with the school bus.

This form is only for students, not athletes, who want to travel by the school bus to attend an athletic event as spectators. This form needs to be submitted to the coach to show permission for traveling by the school bus.

To report an incident that you have experienced or witnessed. The form should be submitted to the athletic director.


Please fill the Credit Card Authorization Form. This form is fillable. You can fill this form by using Adobe Acrobat Reader,