The mission of the Archimedean Schools is to initiate the young mind into the art of thinking through the teaching of Mathematics and the Greek Language.

Η Αποστολή και ο Στόχος των Σχολείων της Αρχιμηδείου Ακαδημίας είναι να μυήσουν τον νεαρό νου στην τέχνη του σκέπτεσθαι μέσω της διδασκαλίας των Μαθηματικών και της Ελληνικής Γλώσσας.


The founders of Archimedean Academy envisioned a Charter school whose main goal is to provide its students an excellent education with emphasis in the teachings of the two main branches of the 3,000 year old Greek civilization: The Classical achievements in literature and the arts as they permeate our modern civilization and the art of mathematical thinking as the lifeline and the wind beneath modern science and technology.

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Why Mathematics

Why Mathematics?

We view Mathematics as both poetry of abstract elegant Ideas and as an important instrument to model Nature, Science, Technology, Engineering, Economics, and human behavior. The Conservatory of Mathematics approach provides students with the highest quality education. Its strength emanates from a deep sense of responsibility in helping the mind to grow and in the confidence in teaching the art of thinking through Mathematics and Greek language immersion.

Why Greek

Why Greek?

For centuries, the Greek language has been an important part of western civilization, with its deep connection to literature and scientific and humanistic vernacular. The teaching of the Greek Language in a partial immersion setting will bring to our students the benefit of bilingual education to the brain. Through the greek language, as a second language, the students are exposed to world-class education with elements of the Greek culture and traditions. We use a greek mathematical curriculum with an emphasis on mental arithmetic, a no-nonsense training in algebra, and a dedication to rigorous euclidean geometry, trigonometry, and finite combinatorics, as the content subject for greek language immersion. Thus the Greek language is also used as a “linguistic vehicle” to bring enhancement and fusion of the American Mathematics Curriculum with a deeper and narrow European curriculum.

Why Philosophy

Why Philosophy?

Our students learns how to express their ideas with passion and solid logic. Philosophy provides the balance of Humanities to that of Mathematics and Science. We will adopt and adapt the Philosophy For Children Method at the Academy, the Socratic method in our Middle Conservatory, and will immerse our students into Logic, Ethics, Political Philosophy, and Feminist Philosophy in our Upper Conservatory.

Who We Are

The Archimedean Schools are a unique, authentic, independent, self-governed, and self-managed School System of three Conservatories of Mathematics and the Greek Language in Miami Florida, under the Archimedean Academy Inc, a non-profit Florida corporation.

Archimedean Academy (AA), Middle Conservatory (AMC), and Upper Conservatory (AUC) were established under the legal framework of Public Charter Schools with Miami Dade Public Schools as their Local Educational Agency (LEA). The three Archimedean Schools are a part of Archimedean Academy Inc., a single-purpose not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation registered in the State of Florida and governed by its School Board of unpaid volunteers with a passion for high quality, goal-driven education of excellence and a strong commitment to the Mission and Vision Statements and its founding principles.

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Our Philosophy as an Education Institution

Archimedean Schools is attempting to bring new ideas and practices to the mainstream of American Public Education.


Archimedean strives to fuse two mathematical curricula (the American and the Greek) which are taught in two different languages.


Our quality of education will be judged not only by state assessments, but by the acceptances of our graduates’ at top Universities and by the performance of our student at academic competition in sciences, mathematics and humanities. We expect our graduates to bring positive change and ethos to the world for a better future.


We demand high performance by comparing ourselves to other academic institutions in the nation. We are Archimedean. Being mediocre is not an option.


A Conservatory of Mathematics which is balanced with Philosophy is one of the original ideas that Archimedean brought in education.



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All Board Members of Archimedean Schools are unpaid volunteers. Their fiduciary responsibility is the safety and quality education of the Archimedean Students, the financial strength of the Archimedean Schools and the fundraising success of the operation.

Faculty, Employees & Administration

The Archimedean Schools do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, ethnic or national origin, religion, marital status, disability, age, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, gender identification, social and family background, linguistic preference, pregnancy, or any other basis prohibited by law in its educational programs, services or activities or in its hiring or employment practices.

Students & Parents​

The utmost priority of Archimedean Schools are the safety of their students, the excellence and quality of their education. This module consists of our Student and Parent portal and includes the Archimedean Content Management System (a.k.a. "Archie"), access to the Archimedean Library online catalog and the digital content portal (a.k.a. CineMath Portal).


Archimedean Schools has several connections with the local International community and organizations.

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