The Archimedean dream began with a desire of a committee of Greek and Greek-American residents in Miami, Florida, who aspired to establish a series of educational institutions that attend, in an unparalleled manner, to the academic, social, and moral growth of its students. After the immense successes of its kinder-elementary and then middle schools, Archimedean Upper Conservatory, a conservatory of mathematics and the Greek language, joined the Archimedean family of schools, opening its doors in August 2008.

Today, Archimedean Upper Conservatory strives to foster and build critical thinking skills, well-roundedness, intellectual curiosity, and strong work ethics through the unique teaching of mathematics, science, philosophy, English, and the Greek language. Our goal is to ensure our students’ preparedness to gain entrance and succeed at even the most prestigious colleges and graduate schools. As such, students are provided a well-rounded, thorough education through the careful selection of highly advanced, rigorous, but balanced college preparatory coursework, complemented by enjoyable, meaningful, and enriching extracurricular activities that serve to maximize their future capabilities, opportunities, and happiness.

With a solemn belief in the importance of setting high expectations, providing students with personalized guidance and individual attention, and a carefully designed, challenging dual-language curriculum, the Upper Conservatory rapidly garnered lots of attention and praise, establishing itself as a serious and noteworthy academic competitor. Today, the Upper Conservatory has secured its status as an institution where academic exploration and growth abound and students are reaching new academic heights, ranking as one of the top 10 public Florida high schools and the #1 charter high school in the State, even being acknowledged as the 16th Most Challenging High School in the U.S. by The Washington Post (2015) and the 52nd Best High School in the U.S. by U.S. News & World Report (2015).

Embodying the motto that for everyone “knowledge equals freedom,” the Upper Conservatory, despite its unique and intensive curriculum, is a fully public coeducational institution spanning grades 9 through 12 and open to any Miami-Dade county resident. The Upper Conservatory, surpassing most Florida public schools in rankings including those which hand-select only the academically strongest students, especially prides itself on having no additional entrance requirements beyond that of any Miami-Dade public school. We have deliberately kept our student body smaller (below 300) compared to most high schools around so as to provide extended and enhanced guidance and mentoring to each and every student to maximize the success of every child. In the end, our passion stems from a fundamental belief that all children deserve an opportunity to receive an incredible education, reach their full potentials, show off their skills, and lead full-filling, opportunity-rich lives. We are proud of our students’ work and an amazing record of college placement, 95% of our graduates being accepted to four-year post-secondary institutions, 47% gaining entrance into the 50 best colleges and universities in the U.S., and an amazing 21% earning admission to the Top-25 ranked colleges and universities in the nation and/or world! Expectations are high, but the payoff is tremendous, doors opening up for our students in incredible ways.

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