A.U.C. Among The Very Best Once Again!

As we are about to close another great school year, we are very pleased to inform you that our students once again scored among the very best in the state of Florida.

Earlier this week, the Florida Department of Education, published the scores for the 2011 FCAT and FCAT 2.0 examinations in Reading, Mathematics, and Science. Earlier in the spring, the results of the FCAT Writing exam were published. The freshmen, sophomores, and juniors of the Upper Conservatory made it again to the very top of the charts, placing 2nd among approximately 100 public high schools in Miami-Dade and impressively 6th place among more than 800 public high schools in the state of Florida!

In Miami-Dade, our freshmen ranked 3rd in Reading and our juniors 5th in Science, beating almost every school in the county. The most impressive results came from the sophomores who are proving to be a true force to be reckoned with, ranking 1st in Reading and 1st in Mathematics among all sophomore groups in Miami. With this superb performance, our sophomores ranked an impressive 2nd in the state of Florida. This year’s Upper Conservatory’s sophomore Reading average score of 396, is the highest Reading score ever achieved by any grade in Archimedean Academy, Middle Conservatory and Upper Conservatory. Some more highlights include 100% of the sophomores passing the Mathematics portion of FCAT and 97% of the sophomores passing the Reading portion of FCAT, both graduation requirements. These performances are at the top among all high schools in Miami.

We are very proud of the performance of our students and our faculty, who besides the daily challenges of our curriculum, the focus on the Advanced Placement and the Greek exams, and all the academic and athletic competitions during the spring semester, found the strength and time to focus on FCAT exams as well and shine.

Congratulations to all our students, faculty, and parents for such amazing results.

A.U.C. Among The Very Best Once Again