A.U.C. Science Olympiad Team Makes History!

On May 19th, 2012, A.U.C’s Science Olympiad Team will be competing at the Nationals, setting a new record in the Upper Conservatory’s short history. After the Robotics and the History Bowl teams, the Science Olympiad team becomes the third Upper Conservatory team that earns a spot at a National competition, an amazing accomplishment for our young school of 165 students. What makes this accomplishment even bigger is that the Upper Conservatory’s team is the first high school team from Miami-Dade that makes it to the National Science Olympiad, where only the Top-60 teams of the country compete.


After losing their ticket in 2011 by only 24 points, the team was determined to make it this year. The countless hours spent after school and on the weekends building model helicopters, memorizing constellations, learning to identify American tree species, and mastering lab skills have all paid off. Archimedean Upper Conservatory has earned its place as one of the two high school teams to represent the state of Florida at the 2012 National Science Olympiad.

The path to nationals had been tense but exhilarating. The journey began on Saturday, February 25th. Before the birds began their dawn song, 45 A.U.C. students were completing final preparations to compete in the Regional Science Olympiad at Florida Atlantic University. Upon arrival, the students were hit with a wave of excitement and anxiety, for they knew any mistake could be detrimental to the team’s success. This year the competition was greater and fiercer, there were more teams, and fewer places to advance to the next level. At the awards ceremony, all three A.U.C teams sat together in suspense, waiting for the results. All three teams had medal winners, and two of the teams qualified to advance to the state-wide competition held at the University of Central Florida.

A month later, on March 24th, those 30 students made the four-and-a-half-hour drive to Orlando to compete at the state competition.

Forty-two of the best teams from all over the state gathered with one goal in mind: to win one ticket to the National Tournament.

After an exciting and suspenseful day, both Archimedean’s teams were able to enter the top ten. Out of the 23 events, Archimedean was able to medal in 11 of them, and rank in the top ten in 21 of them. This impressive performance resulted in our team ranking second out of all forty-two schools and earning a place in the 2012 Science Olympiad National Tournament.

Three AUC teams of 15 students each competed at the Regional and State competitions under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Kalai. Here is a list of all the Archimedean Upper Conservatory Olympians in alphabetical order: Alzugaray Cecily, Avila Nicole, Bardoutsos Theodoros, Barretto Isaac, Bennett Elias, Christodoulou-Rubalcava Alexandros, Curiel Francis, Delgado Christopher, Doval MariaCarla, Escalante Andrea, Fairlie Jose Carlos, Georgoulakis Ioanna, Georgoulakis Theano, Guerrero Kendra, Hidalgo Alexis, Jarquin Gabriela, Jordan Christopher, Kafkoulis Yeorgia, Kangeyan Shiva, Lavdas Mary, Lee Amy, Lopez Jose, Lopez-Bosch Camila, Lorenzo Mariavictoria, Lozano Mark, Margeti Pinelopi, Martinez Andy, Martinez Lenny, Martinez Melissa, Maspons Raymond, Menarde Antonio, Morales Alexandra, Obando Danielle, Orellanos Daniel, Osorio Julian, Perez Carolina, Shahin Alexander, Shahin Lauren, Shetty Aditya, Sosa Alejandro, Sosa Ricardo, Surio David, Theologidou Valentini, Veliz Veronica, Wdowinski Ronen.

The Archimedean Family would like to wish all the Science Olympians good luck on their competition and congratulate them for all their hard work so far. You have our full support, good luck and make us proud. We would also like to congratulate the members and coaches of the Archimedean Middle Conservatory’s team who also qualified to the National Science Olympiad for the second straight year.

The tables below show all the Top-6 performances of our students in the 2012 Regional Science Olympiad at FAU and the 2012 State Science Olympiad at UCF.


State Medal Count Team C-01

Rocks & MineralsRonen Wdowinski, Alexis Hidalgo3rd ( Bronze Medal)
TowersChristopher Delgado, Theodoros Bardoutsos4th
HelicoptersIoanna Georgoulakis, Alexis Hidalgo5th

State Medal Count Team C-02

EventStudent NamesPlace
Dynamic PlanetShiva Kangeyan, Mark Lozano1st (Gold Medal)
Rocks & MineralsShiva Kangeyan, Lenny Martinez1st (Gold Medal)
ForensicsMelissa Martinez, Theano Georgoulakis2nd (Silver Medal)
HelicoptersTheanoGeorgoulakis, Lenny Martinez2nd (Silver Medal)
Protein ModelingMelissa Martinez, AlexanderShahin, Lauren Shahin2nd (Silver Medal
RemoteSensingRaymond Maspons, Shiva Kangeyan2nd (Silver Medal)
Sound of MusicAmy Lee, AlexanderShahin2nd (SilverMedal)
Microbe MissionAlexanderShahin, Shiva Kangeyan3rd (Bronze Medal)
OpticsAlexandros Christodoulou-Rubalcava, Antonio Menarde3rd (Bronze Medal)
RobotArmLenny Martinez, Theano Georgoulakis3rd (Bronze Medal)
TowersIsaac Barretto,Yeorgia Kafkoulis3rd (Bronze Medal)
Chemistry LabRaymond Maspons, Shiva Kangeyan4th
Disease DetectivesMark Lozano, Antonio Menarde4th
ForestryAditya Shetty, Pinelopi Margeti4th
Gravity VehicleIsaac Barretto, Yeorgia Kafkoulis4th
Water QualityAditya Shetty, Pinelopi Margeti5th
Write It Do ItAmy Lee, Aditya Shetty5th
Anatomy & PhysiologyAmy Lee, Lauren Shahin6th
AstronomyAlexandros Christodoulou-Rubalcava, Yeorgia Kafkoulis6th
Technical Problem SolvingAmy Lee, Mark Lozano6th

Regional Medal Count Team C-01

Tower BuildingChristopher Delgado, Julian Osorio3rd ( Bronze Medal)
HelicoptersChristopher Delgado, Julian Osorio5th
Remote SensingAlex Morales, Elias Bennet6th

Regional Medal Count Team C-02

EventStudent NamesPlace
Experimental DesignVeronica Veliz, Francis Curiel, Andrea Escalante1st (Gold Medal)
Math ChallengeRonen Wdowinski, Mariacarla Doval2nd (Silver Medal)
HelicoptersIoanna Georgoulakis, Alexis Hidalgo3rd (Bronze Medal)
ForensicsAlexis Hidalgo, Camila Lopez-Bosch4th
WaterQualityMariavictoria Lorenzo, Ioanna Georgoulakis4th
RobotArmTheodoros Bardoutsos, David Surio5th
Gravity VehicleTheodoros Bardoutsos, David Surio6th
Rocks & MineralsRonen Wdowinski, Alexis Hidalgo6th

Regional Medal Count Team C-03

EventStudent NamesPlace
Dynamic PlanetShiva Kangeyan, Mark Lozano1st (Gold Medal)
Remote SensingShiva Kangeyan, Raymond Maspons1st (Gold Medal)
ForensicsMelissa Martinez, Theano Georgoulakis1st (Gold Medal)
HelicoptersTheano Georgoulakis, Lenny Martinez1st (Gold Medal)
Protein ModelingMelissa Martinez, AlexanderShahin, Lauren Shahin1st (Gold Medal)
AstronomyAlexandros Christodoulou-Rubalcava, Yeorgia Kafkoulis2nd (Silver Medal)
Disease DetectivesAntonio Menarde, Mark Lozano2nd (Silver Medal)
Sound of MusicAmy Lee, Alexander Shahin2nd (Silver Medal)
Microbe MissionShiva Kangeyan, AlexanderShahin3rd (Bronze Medal)
Anatomy & PhysiologyAmy Lee, Lauren Shahin3rd (Bronze Medal)
Rocks & MineralsShiva Kangeyan, Lenny Martinez3rd (Bronze Medal)
ForestryAditya Shetty, Pinelopi Margeti3rd (Bronze Medal)
Robot ArmLenny Martinez, Theano Georgoulakis3rd (Bronze Medal)
Experimental DesignAlexandros Christodoulou-Rubalcava, Alexander Shahin, Pinelopi Margeti3rd (Bronze Medal)
Tower BuildingIsaac Barretto, Yeorgia Kafkoulis4th
Water QualityAditya Shetty, Pinelopi Margeti4th
Write It Do ItAmy Lee, Aditya Shetty4th
Gravity VehicleIsaac Barretto, Yeorgia Kafkoulis4th
Chemistry LabRaymond Maspons, Shiva Kangeyan5th