AA 2011-12 Spelling Bee

On Wednesday, February 1st, the Archimedean Academy held its ANNUAL SPELLING BEE!  Students advanced to the final round based on preliminary classroom BEES.  CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS!! – Riya Ghandi – 1st Place, Noah Barquez Arias – 2nd Place, and Lucas Barbosa – 3rd Place.  The finalist also are commended for their performance: Emma Garcia de Paredes, Miguel Goira, Luigi Vera, Mia Gaines, Johann Persaud, Alejandra Clemente, Christian Perez, Martina Valle, Alfonso Lopez, and Jourdon Zojaji.  The Spelling Bee is a joint venture between the students, parents, teachers, and the Bee Sponsor, Ms. Galban.  Riya now goes on to compete in the District Bee.  GOOD LUCK RIYA!!