AMC in National Science Olympiad 2010

Our participation

The Archimedean Middle Conservatory elevated its performance to a higher level of excellence in team Science Olympiad competitions this year. In February 2010, we won the South Florida Regionals of Middle School Science Olympiad. In April, we won 1st place in the State Finals of Middle School Science Olympiad at Orlando. As the State Champion, we represented the State of Florida in the National Tournament of the Science Olympiad 2010 at University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign in May 21-22, 2010.

Our participation in the National tournament (the 52 top teams from each state and a few 2nd best teams for a total of 60 teams) was a great honor for a brand new team, in its third year of Science Olympiad Competition.Our best results (top 25) were as follows:

Overall the team was placed 43rd in the nation. This is the beginning of a new road for our school. Our objective should be that we are placed in the top 10 in the nation in next year’s competition and compete for the 1st place in the following year. We will need to increase our resources and the depth of our coaching teams to include scientists and engineers among the School’s parents and friends.

A top-10 finish will be an amazing recognition for our Schools and its student team members.In addition, the University that is hosting the National Tournament offers 4 year tuition wavers to all gold medal winners for all 23 High School Olympiad events.

I would like to thank and congratulate both Dr. Kalai (the leader of the Archimedean Schools Science Competitions) and our Science Teacher Mr. Palacios for their tremendous effort to guide and mentor our star students.

The student team consists of the following students:

I would like to also congratulate the Principal of the School Ms Moysidis for her leadership and support of the team throughout the year and all the parents who helped the team.

Team & Results


  • Isaac Barreto
  • Sophia Christodoulou
  • Ioanna Georgoulakis
  • Kendra Guerrero
  • Elizabeth Hernandez
  • Yeorgia Kafkoulis
  • Shiva Kangeyan
  • Amy Lee
  • Antonio Menarde
  • Gabriela Muino
  • Christopher Rivera
  • Leonardo Sanchez-Noya
  • Aditya Shetty
  • Constance Thurmond
  • Keyan Zolfaghari




  • 6th place  for the event Trajectory,
  • 13th place in the event Meteorology,
  • 16th place in the event Ecology,
  • 23rd place in the event Helicopter,
  • 23rd place in the event Physical Science,
  • 24th place in the event Optics

Leader of the Women’s Chorus

    • Lysistrata Johnson: Christina Tsitouris

Women’s Chorus

    • Linda Smith: Karla Boada
    • Natalie Watz: Tatiana Valdes
    • Sandra Carter: Nicole Guevara
    • Susan Mcphee: Brianna Rodriguez

Leader of the Men’s Chorus

  • Dennis Johnson: Alfonso Lopez

Men’s Chorus

  • James Carter: Ronald Borrell
  • Michael Watz: Roger Borrell
  • Jonathan Smith: Daniel Camargo
  • Carl Mcphee: Leandro Hernandez

The Child

  • Jimmy (son of Sandra and James): Edwin Marquez

Leader of the Hippies’ Chorus

  • Venus: Cristina Varela

Hippies’ Chorus

  • Stella: Keilyn Vasquez
  • Daisy: Maria Santallana
  • Skye: Zoe Morales
  • Delilah: Mia Gaines
  • Dawn: Victoria Grijalva
  • June: Alezia Mata
  • Summer: Ariadne Aranda

Runaways’ Chorus

  • Revelation “Rev”: Jose Correa
  • Orion: Giancarlo Cabanilla
  • Zen: Charalampos Korfiatis


  • Dave: Andres Hands
  • Neil: George Thompson

Leader of the Soldiers’ Chorus

  • Lieutenant: Alex Llopiz

Soldiers’ Chorus

  • Maggot a: Ronald Borrell
  • Maggot b: Devin Ponce
  • Maggot c: Luigi Vera