AMC Mathematics Team Success!

On Saturday. February 1st, Archimedean Middle Conservatory’s Mathematics Team achieved 2nd place at the Math Counts Miami Chapter Competition. Under the guidance and instruction of Mr. Leonidas Artopoulos, AMC got 2nd place among 48 schools that took part in the competition. Sailalitha Kodukula, John Tebou, Rajat Bidarkota, and Pranav Rai got 2nd place in the team rankings. Sailalitha Kodukula ranked 2nd among the individual competitors and John Tebou ranked 4th. With this impressive performance, the team qualified to compete in the Math Counts State competition on March 20th. At that tournament, AMC will compete with other schools in Florida, with the top schools qualifying for the Math Counts National competition which will be held in May 2020.

Tiago Aversa, Jason Tang, Nicholas Barales, Vayun Yadav, Ayaana Majumdar, Lesianne Tupas, and Siri Karpuram also put on a great performance at the Math Counts Competition. All of the participating AMC students ranked in the top 50% in the individual rankings.

The AMC’s Math Team had previously participated in the American Mathematics Contest (AMC) 8. In the American Mathematics Contest (AMC) 8, AMC came in 347th place, ranking in the top 20% of more than 1,800 schools from the U.S. and Canada that participated in the competition. Moreover, John Tebou, Sailalitha Kodukula, and Rajat Bidarkota scored in the top 5% nationally, among more than 90,000 students.

Out of the 22,691 students who participated, Pranav Rai was one of the 2,058 students in grade 6 or lower who managed to attain a score of 15 points or higher. Enzo Sampaio, Tiago Aversa, Vayun Yadav, Lesianne Tupas, Jason Tang, Nicholas Barales, Ayaana Majumdar, Alexander Linares, Luciano Marazzani, and Kimon Gerasopoulos put an equally impressive performance, scoring higher than the national average score.