AMC Wins 1st & 2nd Place Overall at Science Olympiad Regionals

AMC Science Olympiad 2016 1

Boca Raton, FL (FAU). It was another stunning day for the Archimedean Middle Conservatory Science Olympiad teams, as they were able to win 1st and 2nd place overall at the regional competition for the second year in a row.

This year’s competition, held at Florida Atlantic University, was fiercer than ever with 8 new teams ready to compete for a bid to the state competition. AMC’s teams, named after Greek heroes –Achilles, Heracles, and Perseus- were more than up for the challenge. Like the heroes of yore, they competed honorably and displayed excellence in all their labors.

All told, Team Achilles received 23 gold medals in 11 events, 12 silver medals in 6 events, and 4 bronze medals in 2 events; Team Heracles received 8 gold medals in 4 events, 9 silver medals in 5 events, and 5 bronze medals in 3 events; and Team Perseus received 2 silver medals in 1 event and 6 bronze medals in 3 events. Summing up all three teams, the school received a total of 69 medals: 31 gold, 23 silver, and 15 bronze and in the end proudly lifted the 1st and 2nd place trophies.

Key in this year’s victory was the dedicated group of coaches who, along with Mr. Mendez (8th-grade Philosophy), spent each day trying to bring out the excellence of each individual competitor. These coaches are Mrs. Mendez (7th grade Science), Ms. Daglio (6th grade Science), Ms. Borgmann (6th-grade Mathematics), Mr. Chin (Physical Education), and Ms. Romaguerra (7th grade Philosophy). Special thanks need to be given to all the parents who provided support to the school and the team. Not to be forgotten is the principal of the school, Ms. Moysidis, who embodies ἀρετή, by showing all the students that excellence comes from persistence, determination, and patience.

Now, Archimedean will look to the state competition, hosted at the University of Central Florida on March 19, to display their best efforts in hopes of becoming state champions once again.

By Patricio Mendez, Head Coach

The Teams

Elys Anaya ( 1st in Crave the Wave, 2nd in Anatomy, 2nd in Dynamic Planet); Giuliana Cabrera (1st in Meteorology, 3rd in Green Generation); Camila Cordero (1st in Experimental Design, 1st in Road Scholar, 2nd in Bridge, 2nd in Invasive Species, 3rd in Picture This); Georgia DeLoza (1st in Meteorology, 2nd in Crimebusters); Patricia Diaz (1st in Experimental Design, 1st in Road Scholar, 2nd in Bridge, 2nd in Invasive Species, 3rd in Picture This); Rohan Dixit (1st in Fossils, 1st in Reach for the Stars, 2nd in Bio- Process); Riya Gandhi (1st in Crave the Wave, 1st in Food Science, 1st in Reach for the Stars,1st in Write it, Do it); Ioannis Georgoulakis (1st in Air Trajectory, 1st in Elastic Launched Glider, 1st in Wind Power); Joseph Luis (1st in Air Trajectory, 1st in Elastic Launched Glider, 1st in Fossils, 2nd in Crimebusters); Dmitri Morales (1st in Experimental Design, 1st in Wind Power,1st in Write it Do it, 2ndin Bio-Process); Amanda Rojas (2nd in Anatomy); Ethan Yue (1st in Food Science, 2nd in Dynamic Planet).

Team Heracles

Clarissa Alfonso (3rd in Experimental Design); Rocio Alonso (3rd in Experimental Design); Krithika Bharadwaj (1st in Picture This); Kendrick Cua (1st in Dynamic Planet, 1st in Picture This, 2nd in Road Scholar); Alain Fornes (1st in Bridge, 1st in Dynamic Planet, 2nd in Road Scholar, 3rd in Fossils); Sebastian Linden (2nd in Bottle Rocket); Helen Rabelo; Nicole Richani (1st in Anatomy, 2nd in Disease Detectives); Yolanda Romero (3rd in Crave the Wave); Manolis Tsovaris (1st in Bridge, 2nd in Bottle Rocket, 2nd in Wind Power); Martina Valle (2nd in Disease Detectives, 2nd in Meteorology, 3rd in Experimental Design); Claudia Viton (1st in Anatomy).

Team Perseus

Emilio Canales; Samuel Castillo (3rd in Crimebusters, 3rd in Wind Power); Alex Eng (2nd in Write it Do it 2); Brandon Feraud (3rd in Dynamic Planet); Aryan Gala; Angel Garcia; Lianna Gomes; Nicolas Hartog (3rd in Dynamic Planet, 3rd in Wind Power); Athena Kalemakis; Angelica Martinez; Guadalupe Obayi; Carlotta Perez; Mauricio Santomauro; Rohan Simon (3rd in Crimebusters); Sebastian Vanegas (2nd in Write it Do it).