Anna Vissi & Archimedean Choir Performance

What a wonderful night this May 29, 2022, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Hollywood FL. was!
Let us all put our hands together and applaud the performance of the Archimedean Choir students, their music teacher Mrs. Nimia Marquez and their parents for their support.

Special Thanks to Anna Vissi for this amazing opportunity.

Enjoy their performance.

Choir students

Dexter Barreirinha
Lydia Vagena
Filius Balmelli
Iva Caceres
Valentina Marin
Alice Amador
Marcos Lopez
James Cisneroz
Olivia Aguero
Lorena Solorzano
Ella Zhang
Haily Gomez
Liabella Loaces
Madison Pierre
Alexandra Kasselouris
Mia Alfonso
Alessio Marazzani
Camila Moreno
Matthew Shiling
Mariana Aguilar

Archimedean Academys Chorodia In concert with Anna Vissi