Archimedean Academy Scholars Participated In The Annual Spelling Bee Competition!

Archimedean Academy Scholars Excel at Annual Spelling Bee: Congratulations to Top Speller Valentina Marin!

On Monday, December 19, 2022, Archimedean Academy scholars participated in the Annual Spelling Bee Competition!
Ten scholars from grades four and five advanced to the final round based on preliminary classroom BEES. The finalists should all be commended for their exceptional performance: Valentina Marin, Harshath Akula, Anvit Balaraddi, Chloe Buitrago, Adara Guerra, Moksha Kapuram, Abyukta Hemang, Ian Lam, Bradley Regan, and Ella Zhang.

Congratulations To Our Top Speller!! – Valentina Marin.