Archimedean Upper Conservatory Virtual Art Show 2020-21

The VAS-Virtual Art Show was created to introduce our viewers to some of the Artwork created by our AUC students during the 2020-2021 school year. Students embraced their creativity and participated in the completion of projects implementing different inspirational topics like “virtual reality” and supplies, such as coffee, watercolors, ink, pastels, pencil, colored pencils, and more!!

They have created their pieces to draw viewer’s attention to how they have felt during this unprecedented school year, in which many had to stay completely virtual due to personal reasons and it’s because of this that they want to showcase the diverse approach for creating Art through the study of different cultures, art movements, and media.

Together after close observing and learning about contemporary artists like Mike Winkelmann and masters of the past like Matisse, they teamed up to convey a serious, yet colorful, and peaceful message of what it is to express ideas on a 2D plane magically adding their personal touch into this year’s Art class.

It has been with no doubt an interesting year and we can feel nothing but grateful for these young artists that used technical skill, hard work, and imagination to create “the illusion of life” in Art.