AUC ArchiSci 3rd in 2013 State Science Olympiad: Aims higher in 2014

AUC ArchiSci teams continued to shine at the Florida State Science Olympiad competition!

Science Olympiad has been an essential and integral part of Archimedean Upper Conservatory (AUC) for the past three years and continues to make a huge impact in the lives of forty-five or more science Olympians of the school. AUC has been represented by two teams (Alpha Archisci and Beta ArchiSci) at the Florida State competition all three years and our alpha team (varsity) continues to be a powerhouse after getting placed in the top three among 42-54 teams from the entire state. In the year 2012 alpha team made history by qualifying to the National competition by winning a second place among 42 teams that were held in May at the University of Central Florida. Last year (2013) at the state tournament at the University of Central Florida on March 23rd, the alpha team got placed third among 42 teams and the team is getting ready to compete again in 2014! The beta team (junior varsity) has been placed in the top 15 and this year the team will try to get placed in the top 10!

The alpha and beta teams qualified for the state tournament after winning 2nd and 9th place in the regional competition at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton earlier in February 2013.

Teams & Medals

 Alpha ArchiSci team members were:


  • Seniors: Raymond Maspons, Lenny Martinez, Theano Georgulakis
  • Juniors: Shiva Kangeyan (Captain), Aditya Shetty, Amy Lee, Isaac Baretto (alternate)
  • Sophomores: Ronen Wdowinski, Yeorgia Kafkoulis, Antonio Menarde, Alexis Hidalgo
  • Freshman: Vaidya Govindarajan, Sophia Christodoulou, Elizabeth Hernandez, Caela Gomes, Linda Shahin


Beta ArchiSci team members were:

  • Seniors: Theodoros Bardoutsos, David Surio, Mark Lozano
  • Juniors: Ricardo Sosa, Alexandra Morales
  • Sophomores: Maria Carla-Doval, Camila Lopez-Bosch, Danielle Obando, Kendra Guerrero, Ioanna Georgulakis
  • Freshman: Alejandro Hernandez, Caitlin Macfarlane, Ignacio Ortega, George Obayi, Rodrigo Curiel, Nicholas Petrakis (alternate)


Top medal winners up to 6th place from Alpha Archisci are:

Student name

Event competed Placement

  • Shiva Kangeyan & Ronen Wdowinski Rocks and Minerals 1st  (Gold)
  • Shiva Kangeyan & Amy Lee


Designer Genes

1st  (Gold)

  • Shiva Kangeyan & Ronen Wdowinski Dynamic Planet (glaciers) 1st  (Gold)
  • Yeorgia Kafkoulis & Linda Shahin Gravity Vehicle 2nd (Silver)
  • Shiva Kangeyan & Raymond Maspons Remote Sensing 3rd (Bronze)
  • Aditya Shetty & Sophia Christodoulou Forestry 3rd (Bronze)
  • Lenny Martinez & Theano Georgulakis Robot Arm 3rd (Bronze)
  • Linda Shahin, Caela Gomes & Isaac Baretto Boomilevers 6th
  • Amy Lee & Vaidya Govindarajan Anatomy 6th
  • Raymond Maspons & Ronen Wdowinski Fermi Questions 6th



Top medal winners up to 6th place from Beta Archisci are:

Student name Event competed Placement

  • Mark Lozano & Caitlin Macfarlane Dynamic Planet 2nd (Silver)
  • Mark Lozano & David Surio Disease Detectives 6th
  • Alejandro Rodriguez & Danielle Obando Thermodynamics 6th
  • Rodrigo Curiel & David Surio Robot Arm 6th

Congratulations to all the students competed at the state level and to all the medal winners!!