AUC Teams Deliver Again at Science Olympiad Regionals

Congratulations to all 30 students of our Science Olympiad teams, to our Head Coach Dr. Kalai, to all assistant coaches, parents, and volunteers who are supporting our teams. We wish our students the best at the State Finals. Go Owls!

On February 15th, Florida Atlantic University hosted once again the South Florida Regionals of the Science Olympiad competition. For one more year, the students and coaches of Archimedean Upper Conservatory delivered, returning home with multiple medals and Top6 placements.

Our students maintained their undisputed dominance over the Miami-Dade district for the fourth year in a row, as both A.U.C. teams qualified for the State Finals that will take place at the University of Central Florida on Saturday, March 15th.

Find more details and all the results from the 2014 FAU Science Olympiad Regionals



List of all the top performances

  • Gold Medal – Elastic Launch Glider (Alejandro Rodriguez & Michael Pichardo)
  • Gold Medal – Rocks & Minerals (Ronen Wdowinski & Georges Obayi)
  • Silver Medal – Astronomy (Yeorgia Kafkoulis & Alejandro Rodriguez)
  • Silver Medal – Bungee Drop (Pinelopi Margeti & Georges Obayi)
  • Silver Medal – Geologic Mapping (Shiva Kangeyan & Georges Obayi)
  • Silver Medal – Water Quality (Ignacio Ortega & Nicolas Petrakis)
  • Bronze Medal – Anatomy & Physiology (Amy Lee & Vaidya Govindarajan)
  • Bronze Medal – Compund Machines (Caela Gomes & Michael Pichardo)
  • Bronze Medal – Designer Genes (Shiva Kangeyan & Amy Lee)
  • Bronze Medal – Dynamic Planet (Shiva Kangeyan & Ronen Wdowinski)
  • Bronze Medal – Elastic Launch Glider (Rodrigo Curiel-Tucker & Nicholas Vargas)
  • 4th Place – Entomolgy (Vaidya Govindarajan & Pinelopi Margeti)
  • 4th Place – Water Quality (Aditya Shetty & Michael Pichardo)
  • 4th Place – Bungee Drop (Costanza Tremante & Vanessa Chirino)
  • 4th Place – Compound Machines (Giancarlo Perez & Ignacio Ortega)
  • 4th Place – MagLev (Costanza Tremante & Vanessa Chirino)
  • 5th Place – Circuit Lab (Alejandro Rodriguez & Caela Gomes)
  • 5th Place – Experimental Design (Aditya Shetty, Vaidya Govindarajan, & Pinelopi Margeti)
  • 5th Place – MagLev (Yeorgia Kafkoulis & Vaidya Govindarajan)
  • 5th Place – Mission Possible (Linda Shahin & Yeorgia Kafkoulis)
  • 5th Place – Entomology (Arian Mansur & Tadashi Horigome)
  • 6th Place – Technical Problem Solving (Amy Lee & Antonio Menarde)