Caban Klepacova Jana AUC Faculty

Caban, Jana | Biology, Environmental Science, Science Competition

I have the privilege of being a part of the Archimedean Upper Conservatory since September 2015. During this very short time I had fell in love with the school, my professional colleagues and my students. Teaching in such school is an honor.

I had completed my education in my country, Slovakia, where I had graduated from the University of Presov, with Master Degree in Education, majoring in Biology and English Literature. I have taught for 15 years now focusing on Biology, Environmental Science, Microbiology, and Human Anatomy and Physiology. During my career time, I had taught in private, public as well as charter schools.

Teaching in AUC is a rewarding experience where every day is a learning experience for me as well as for my students. Being able to guide, encourage and educate our young generation and future is exciting. I believe the most rewarding moments come when you see your students grow, learn, accept the responsibility and at the end succeed.