Kordy Mehrnoosh AA Faculty

Kordy Mehrnoosh, | American Mathematics

Ms.Kordy is from the empire of Persia, where they believe in the art of education especially mathematics. She graduated top of her class from the University of Tehran with a master’s degree in Mathematics and further expanded her education as she went on to become a certified teacher by earning her professional certification in elementary education with ESOL endorsement. Ms.Kordy has been teaching at Archimedean Academy for 16 years. She received a 10-year service and commitment award from the Archimedean Academy Board. Ms.Kordy’s approach towards education is that we must love the children and teach them with authenticity. She believes a teacher must also reflect, affect, and touch the lives of his/her scholars. Math is not a difficult subject, but an interesting subject and Ms.Kordy utilizes her passion for teaching to help scholars discover the mathematical universe.