La Sala

Archimedean Upper Conservatory Theatre Class Presents

La sala


Director’s Note


The theatrical production for the academic year 2019-20 was a play titled “La Sala.” It portrayed the journey and the experiences of multiple Latin American families who migrated to Miami over several decades, from the 60s to today. The play was an anthology of scenes written by the students that were taking place within the living room or en “La Sala” in Spanish. The students derived inspiration from various sources, including interviews with their family members, reading newspaper articles, and exploring online content. They also engaged in improvisation exercises to develop their scenes based on the teacher’s and peer’s constructive criticism and feedback.

Angie Cortez played the role of the assistant director, while Allison Chang was responsible for overseeing the music component of the play. Angie and Mr. Timpilis were tasked with finalizing the script of the play. The students put in enormous effort to bring their vision to life. The play was almost ready to make its debut, but unfortunately, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation of the performances.

Despite the setback, the students managed to capture the essence of their hard work in a series of photographs taken by Dimitra Pantoulia during the play’s last rehearsal. These images are a testimony to the student’s creativity, dedication, and exceptional talent. Even though the play was not performed in front of a live audience, the efforts put in by the students were not in vain, as they were able to create something exceptional, personal, and memorable.

Theatre Teacher / Director
Timpilis, Dimitris

Theatre IV Honors

Grijalva, Victoria

Theatre III Honors
Camargo, Daniel
Llopiz, Alex
Ponce, Devin

Theatre II
Hands, Andres
Marquez, Edwin-Stev
Morales, Zoe
Vazquez, Keilyn
Vera, Luigi

Theatre I
Blanco, Jesus
Chang, Allison
Cortez, Angie
Derivet, Nicole
Diaz, Elizabeth
Eva-Barillas, Alejandro
Fernandez, Kevin
Giraldo, Eric
Lopez, Jorge
Sexton, Richard
Tovar, Leah
Vanegas, Sebastian
Vargas, Lux

La Sala Poster