Lysistrata 1969 Cover 1

Director’s Note


Lysistrata by Aristophanes is an ancient Greek comedy that was initially performed in Athens in 411 BCE, and it is both an anti-war play and an early portrayal of sexual relations under a male-dominated society. Greek theatre was a groundbreaking popular form of entertainment, addressing political and social issues relevant to the time. The plays were performed in festivals at the city of Dionysia and displayed the wealth and political power of Athens. At the same time, they served as an open space for different perspectives and opinions, even if they were against the norm or the state.

Lysistrata is a woman with a deep sense of social responsibility and awareness that persuades the other women to refuse sex from their husbands to force them to end the Peloponnesian War. It is that strategy that inflames and exposes the battle between the sexes. Lysistrata’s call to stop having sex to end the war was in a way mirrored two and a half millennia later in the hippies’ slogan «Make love, not war.»

Lysistrata 1969 is an adaptation of the original that highlights the 60s resonance of the play. The adaptation is full of references to the culture and music of young people of the 60s and draws parallels between the worlds of 1969 America and 4th Century BCE Greece. There’s a saying that if women ruled the world, there would be no war. If women were in charge, perhaps the chances of going to war would decrease because women give birth to the people who fight and die in them. Independently of how optimistic one is about the evolution of human civilization, the feminist and anti-war themes present in Lysistrata remain relevant throughout the history of humankind.


Production Staff

Directed by Dimitris Timpilis

Set by Panteles Xerohemonas

Costumes, Props, Music Supervision by Dimitris Timpilis

Light & Sound Consoles by Mikaela Villagran & Arike Coker

Historical Analysis by Kristen Merino

Dramatic Analysis by Dimitris Timpilis

Assistant Director Paola Quintero

Second Assistant Director Rami Charaf

Producer Dimitri Bardoutsos

Production Assistant Olga Bardoutsos

Production Assistant Nicolas Roussi

Set Construction Panteles Xerohemonas & Dimitris Bardoutsos

Poster & Program Design Panteles Xerohemonas

Stage Photographer Gabriela Tovar

Social Media | Video Teasers: Panteles Xerohemonas

Printing Olga Rios

Dramatis personæ


Leader of the Women’s Chorus

    • Lysistrata Johnson: Christina Tsitouris

Women’s Chorus

    • Linda Smith: Karla Boada
    • Natalie Watz: Tatiana Valdes
    • Sandra Carter: Nicole Guevara
    • Susan Mcphee: Brianna Rodriguez

Leader of the Men’s Chorus

  • Dennis Johnson: Alfonso Lopez

Men’s Chorus

  • James Carter: Ronald Borrell
  • Michael Watz: Roger Borrell
  • Jonathan Smith: Daniel Camargo
  • Carl Mcphee: Leandro Hernandez

The Child

  • Jimmy (son of Sandra and James): Edwin Marquez

Leader of the Hippies’ Chorus

  • Venus: Cristina Varela

Hippies’ Chorus

  • Stella: Keilyn Vasquez
  • Daisy: Maria Santallana
  • Skye: Zoe Morales
  • Delilah: Mia Gaines
  • Dawn: Victoria Grijalva
  • June: Alezia Mata
  • Summer: Ariadne Aranda

Runaways’ Chorus

  • Revelation “Rev”: Jose Correa
  • Orion: Giancarlo Cabanilla
  • Zen: Charalampos Korfiatis


  • Dave: Andres Hands
  • Neil: George Thompson

Leader of the Soldiers’ Chorus

  • Lieutenant: Alex Llopiz

Soldiers’ Chorus

  • Maggot a: Ronald Borrell
  • Maggot b: Devin Ponce
  • Maggot c: Luigi Vera