Pappa Maria AA Faculty

Pappa, Maria | Greek Language

Mrs. Pappa comes from Greece, where she taught elementary students as well as those in Special Education for over 20 years using her Master’s degree in Primary Education and Bachelor’s degree in ESC. She has experience working with children both in and out of the classroom, not only as a teacher but also as a coach and a volunteer with the Service Civil International (SCI) organization, of whose Greek branch she was the President for a number of years. She also has experience working in the Youth Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France, where she worked for the interest of children and youth in Education. She has also worked extensively to educate children about Human Rights. She has worked at Archimedean Academy since 2012, over the years teaching both Greek Mathematics and the Greek Language. Ms. Pappa, who is also an author of many books, both in Greek and in English, strives to strengthen and release the creative power of the minds of her students and all children through her novels and her classroom guides, as well as book projects about Greece, that were created together with her students as part of Greek language class.