SECME Regional Competition 2021-2022

Congratulations to all students their coaches and parents for their support.

Join us in Congratulating our Archimedean Middle and Upper Conservatories! Both schools competed in SECME Regional competition on January 29th, 2022.
The tournament took place virtually, but that did not stop our middle and high school students from excelling in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools competition for young scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.
The hard work, endless hours of researching, designing, building, and testing the pre-build devices, such as Water-bottle Rocket and Bridges paid off. Middle and high school also participated in the Math Challenge, where we placed in the top three among 54 middle schools and 65 high schools.


Water-bottle Rocket – 1st place

  • Gabriella Rosa (7)
  • Tadeus Caban (6)

Math Challenge – 2nd place

  • Pranav Rai (8)
  • Jason Tang (8),
  • Tiago Aversa (8),
  • Yufei Jiang (8)

Bridges – 3rd place

  • Amaranta Ulloa (6)