Spotlight Cover

Director’s Note


The Archimedean Middle Conservatory Drama Club proudly presents the new, original play “Spotlight”

It is the story of the friendship between 13-year-old Grayson Morris and 15-year-old Sophie Carlson. Being a teenager isn’t easy and growing up comes with heartache… As Sophie realizes her musical talents have made her one of the most popular students in the school, Grayson tries his best to impress her and face his biggest fear; the school s football team captain, 16-year-old Brandon Cooper.

Friends turn into foes, words turn into actions, and the whole school starts realizing that, before anything else, the spotlight should always be on standing up for what s right.

Featuring favorite hits from the 80s, this musical adventure will take us 30 years in the past and remind us that doing the right thing is always worth it!



Production Staff

Drama Club Instructors Ms. Sanchez and Mr. Zentelis

Music Instructor Mrs. Wrves

Choreography Dr. Berdebes

Hair & Make-Up Dr. Berdebes and Mayra Martinez

Decorations & Props Mrs. Vergara and Mrs. Veliz

Marketing/ Financial Manager Ms. Roussakis

Cast & Crew


Sophie Carlson – Camila Grayson

Morris- Ty Kilayko

Brandon Cooper- Hector Lopez

Mrs. Morris – Laura Lopez

Mrs. Cooper – Isabella Calderin

Mr. Cooper – Kevin Herrera

Talent Scout – Elizabeth Linares

Joan Jetson – Lux Vargas

Lizzie – Sofia Figueroa

Jen – Carolina Miliancano

Ricky – Kimon Gerasopoulos

Ben – Luke Keuthan

Comissioner Morton – David Vazquez

Principal Bellushi – Nicholas Veliz

Mrs. Diaz – Ashley Prol

Students Mia Delgado, Emma Delgado, Mary DeLaCruz, Salome Saez, Chloe Plasencia, Natalia Lopes, Angie Gonzalez, Bella Morales, Tiffany Garcia

Backstage Crew Eleni Morales, Maya Martineau, Isabella Salazar, Michelle Saez