Spring Camp 2021: Lots of Fun all over the Camp!

Arts & Crafts

In Arts and Crafts sessions the Campers have the opportunity to expand their creativity, enhance their hand-eye coordination, build their confidence, express themselves through various media, develop their fine motor skills and increase their artistic potential.
Arts and Crafts projects have always been a fun and vital activity.

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Archimedean Spring Camp 2021 Baking_17


Enjoying a pizza is one thing but making your own pizza and then enjoying it with your friends is a totally different experience.

Campers never thought that they would be able to prepare their own meal! How about banana bread! Or maybe an apple pie! No one would say no to a chocolate cookie!

Our Campers visit the school’s cafeteria and under the directions of our cook make their yummy snack following appropriate proportions of ingredients and precision on-time baking! Creativity at its best!

Indoor Activities

Sometimes staying indoors can be challenging for children but not for our Campers who engage in a variety of fun indoor activities.

From dancing competition and singing skills in the Karaoke room to participating in Jumbo Jenga, ping pong games, bowing, and Darts our Campers find the time and freedom for spontaneous play.

When the sun gets strong the fun continues indoors!

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Outdoor Activities

Yes, in Archimedean Camps we “take it outside”, we put electronic devices away and we participate in outdoor activities, work of our energy, and sweat.

Our Campers engage in sports like soccer, basketball, and kickball, compete in physical exercise drills like Jump Rope and Jumping Jacks, race in groups in “Egg & Spoon” activity, and challenge their coordination in the “Horseshoe Toss” activity.

In Archimedean, we know that being outdoors is vital for children’s development so our Coaches are fully committed to keeping the Campers active on the field and the basketball court.