State Science Fair Results: AMC did it again!

Congratulations to both competing students; AMC couldn’t be prouder!


Emily Tsiros and Pranav Rai represented Archimedean Middle Conservatory well at the 2021 State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida. In our students’ own words: “AMC did it again!” Making it to this level was an honor in itself, and both students received recognition at this extremely rigorous and challenging event. Pranav Rai earned an Honorable Mention award for his research titled, “Ferrofluids to the Rescue!” Emily Tsiros earned both a special recognition award from NASA and 1st place in Physics and Astronomy for her research titled, “Flames in Microgravity.” 

If the Science Fair wasn’t competitive enough, COVID-19 definitely added some spice to it. We’d like to acknowledge all of AMC for their endless support for our students and thank Principal Afshin Mirhaj and President Dr. Kafkoulis for making events like this possible. To all teachers, the students recognize your efforts and appreciate you. To the science teachers, Ms. Louidor, Mr. Shahin, and Ms. Winkle thank you for preparing and mentoring our youth to conduct research to make our world a better place.

Emily Tsiros

Congratulations to Emily Tsiros & Pranav Rai

Pranav Rai