Summer Camp 2021.

Where Social Interaction Matters!.

Arts & Crafts

Each week Campers explore a fun new theme to expand their creativity through different arts and crafts projects. From making a rainstick out of carton cylinders filled with rice where students not only expanded their expressiveness but got to learn the history behind what the rainstick was used for. Another fun project was to go green and make incredible sculptures out of just recycled items they weren’t expecting to be useful. In addition, something they got to hang up on their fridge or around the house were these wood clip frames in which they drew special drawings of their families. How awesome! These were just some of the many projects they got their hands on.


Summer Camp 2021

Water Sports

When it comes to summertime, it’s always so much fun to play games in the water. No one argues that the games on the field are fun too but …dodge ball and volleyball in the pool! Hoops and Marco Polo in the water! Nothing like it. The water sports activity has always been the cherry on the cake. Besides the pool, Campers challenged their speed while in the water slides. How far can you go sliding? Can you reach the end? And the fun just never stops. Although our Campers enjoy all activities, it’s not surprising that water activities take the lead and our Campers almost never agree on the first call to leave this station for another.

Horse Riding

When the last day of the camp arrived all Campers were excited to get on the bus and visit the ranch with the horses. There, Campers had the opportunity to walk through the horse stables, pet a horse, and take pictures. The big moment, of course, was when they started getting ready to ride a horse. All they needed were just a little help from the coach and a good helmet. The fun was on. It was also an opportunity for the Campers to check their strength, balance, and coordination. The several laps around the horse track were thrilling. On the way back they had a lot of experiences to share. Coming closer to animals has always been beneficial to childhood development.

Field Trip


Enjoying a pizza is one thing but making your own pizza and then enjoying it with your friends is a totally different experience. Campers never thought that they would be able to prepare their own meal! How about banana bread! Or maybe apple pie! No one would say no to a chocolate cookie! Well, our Campers twice a week visited the school’s cafeteria and under the directions of our cook made their yummy food. They were introduced to the idea of mixing the ingredients in the appropriate proportions and did an amazing job! Nice way to start your day with a tasty snack that you have created from scratch!

Indoor Activities

Sometimes staying indoors can be challenging for children but not for our Campers who did a variety of fun indoor activities. They compete in dancing in “Just Dance”, showed off their singing abilities in the Karaoke room, challenged each other in Jumbo Jenga using their hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking, enjoyed the nice ping pong table where they had the opportunity to play against each other, played bowing, and tried to get the most points to win in Darts. They also enjoyed very popularly for their age computer games that are very popular in their age like “Roblox” and “Mario Cart”. When the sun was strong the fun continued indoors.

Outdoor Activities

Yes, in Archimedean Summer Camp we “take it outside”, we put electronic devices away and we participate in outdoor activities, work of our energy, and sweat. Our Campers engage in sports like soccer, basketball, and badminton, compete in physical exercise drills like Jump Rope and Jumping Jacks, race in groups in “Egg & Spoon” activity, and challenge their coordination in the “Horseshoe Toss” activity. In Archimedean, we know that being outdoors is vital for children’s development so our Coaches are fully committed to keeping the Campers active on the field and the basketball court.

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