The AA and AUC Chorus at the 2019 Merrick Festival Caroling Competition

The combined Archimedean Academy (Elementary) and Archimedean Upper Conservatory (High School) Chorus “Chorodia” performed on December 5, 2019, in the Caroling Competition under the direction of Ms. Nimia Marquez (Archimedean Schools’ Music Teacher).

The Caroling Competition has become an eagerly awaited holiday tradition in the City of Coral Gables. It began in 1987 when the 550 Building first presented the City with the spectacular poinsettia tree. It’s become a special way of celebrating the holidays, continuing the tradition of the festive sound of children, caroling in front of the holiday tree. The Competition always begins the Wednesday after Thanksgiving and continues through Sunday, with the Award Show held always on the following Tuesday. The Competition is non-sectarian and presents the music of the season regardless of its origins.

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AUC Chorus and AA Chorodia 01