The ant and the Grasshopper

The Project

The 4th graders of the Archimedean Academy in Miami, Florida, and the 3rd graders of the 105th Primary School in Thessaloniki being inspired by the relevant unit from the English book which is taught at the 3rd grade in the Greek schools, worked on Aesop’s fable “The ant and the cricket”.

The target was to involve the students both physically and emotionally, to help them discover the moral behind the story and by using their imagination to give different endings to the story.

This gave them a motive to practice and to improve the language more. During the project, the students also developed art and drama skills as well as their ability to co-operate with their classmates enhancing, thus, their team spirit. They had role-playing activities and turned their stories into movies.

The students had a Skype meeting at school with the Greek school on Wednesday morning (6/5) at 8 am (3 pm in Greece).

This project was approved by the e-twinning committee and displayed on the e-twinning platform.

E-Twinning is a European learning and teaching community that promotes school cooperation in Europe through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). It provides tips, ideas, and tools for teachers to enrich and facilitate their teaching while students learn collaboratively, share their knowledge, and exchange views with friends from other countries.

In the implementation of this program, the contribution of the parents and especially the contribution of the teacher and mother Drymona Nikoleta was very important.

Katerina Mesimeri | Greek Language teacher

Our Movie

The Greek Movie

The PowerPoint Presentation