The Dinning Room Cover

Director’s Note


Twenty Archimedean high schoolers portray a wide and diverse range of characters Shy sons, arrogant nephews, authoritarian fathers, and amnesiac grandfathers, hyperactive girls, humble housemaids, disoriented wives, and conservative aunts. All appear in this brilliantly structured play. The action takes place in an upper-middle-class American dining room, the hub of social and family life. It is a mosaic of interrelated scenes, of different families, and different decades, sometimes funny, sometimes touching, and sometimes regretful. All these scenes are put together to create a profound study of the decaying culture of the American WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants). The Dining Room was first produced off-Broadway by Playwrights Horizons in 1982.


Production Staff


Directed by Dimitris Timpilis

Scenery & Costumes by Evi Tsilivakou

Light & Sound Consoles by Gustavo Altimari

Dramatic Analysis by Dimitris Timpilis

Producer Dimitri Bardoutsos

Production Assistant Olga Bardoutsos

Poster & Program Design Dimitris Timpilis

Photos by Niki Gleoudi (Edited by Dimitris Timpilis)

Social Media Lisa Ibarra-Rivera

Printing Olga Rios

Catering Anitha Shetty



Performances at Archbishop Coleman Carroll, 10300 SW 167th Avenue, Miami, FL 33196

Thursday, June 1st, 2017, at 8 00 PM | Friday June 2nd, 2017 at 4 30 PM & at 8 00 PM.


The Dining Room poster AUC 2017 scaled

Dramatis personæ

  • Agent Scarlet Cabrera
  • Client Constantinos Karellos Gleoudis
  • Arthur Michael Sexton
  • Sally Christina Tsitouris
  • Father Alfonso Lopez
  • Annie Gabriela Gonzalez
  • Girl Victoria Grijalva
  • Charlie Gabriel Urblna
  • Mother Christina Tsitouris
  • Howard Ronald Borrell
  • Ellie Brianna Rodriguez
  • Carolyn Maria Santallana
  • Grace Scarlet Cabrera
  • Michael Cristian Cordon Ruano
  • Aggie Brianna Rodriguez
  • Architect Roger Borrell
  • Psychiatrist Jοnατηαn Crafton
  • Peggy Maria Santallana
  • Brewster Sean Franco
  • Billy Matthew Klein
  • Sandra Tatiana Valdes
  • Winkie Christina Tsitouris
  • Ted Daniel Camargo
  • Grandfather Michael Villegas
  • Dora Victoria Grijalva
  • Nick Roger Borrell
  • Paul Roger Borrell
  • Margery Brianna Rodriguez


  • Sarah Victoria Grijalva
  • Helen Maria Santallana
  • Gordon Ronald Borrell
  • Kate Gabriela Gonzalez
  • Chris Daniel Camargo
  • Tony Andrew Reyes
  • Aunt Scarlet Cabrera
  • Jim Daniel Camargo
  • Meg Maria Santallana
  • Emily Christina Tsitouris
  • David Gabriel Urblna
  • Claire Tatiana Valdes
  • Bertha Scarlet Cabrera
  • Standish Alfonso Lopez
  • Harvey Roger Borrell
  • Dick Ronald Borrell
  • Annie Tatiana Valdes
  • Ruth Victoria Grijalva
  • Host Constantinos Karellos Gleoudis