Trainor John  AUC Faculty

Trainor, John | Economics

John Trainor began teaching Economics at Archimedean Upper Conservatory in August 2016. After a 27 1/2 year career which included work in sales, marketing, strategy, and finance at IBM Corporation, he “retired” from IBM but did not retire. For several years he worked as his family’s homemaker, assembling meals, chauffeuring three young sons, and helping them navigate middle and high school.

He studied some economics as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Psychology. His interest flourished later at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, now called Chicago Booth, where he earned an MBA with concentrations in Finance, Economics, and International Business. There he encountered, learned from, and was inspired by many distinguished economists, including eight winners of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

He enjoys economics for its sometimes puzzling and often counterintuitive insights and for its usefulness in understanding daily life.