2021 Satellite Elementary Science Olympiad Competition

Way To Go ArchiOwls!!!

congratulations to ArchiOwls Elementary Science Club Team!

These amazing scholars placed 1st Overall at the Elementary Satellite Science Olympiad Competition that took place on Saturday April 24th, 2021. They competed against elementary schools throughout the State of Florida.

We are very proud of this spectacular accomplishment!

They are now working diligently to prepare and compete at the Florida Atlantic University Elementary Science Olympiad Competition!

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Event Results

  • 1st Place – A Matter of Matter Srimye Konda and Srisahasra Kandepi
  • 1st Place – Backyard Biologist – Phillip Cisneroz and Sofia Lopez
  • 1st Place – Chew the Fat – Benjamin Jauregui and Ayaan Rai
  • 1st Place – Data Crunchers – Leonel Goncalves and Jovanny Roque
  • 2nd Place Energy Matters – Srimye Konda and Ivana Tachim
  • 3rd Place – Estimania – Leonel Goncalves and Juliette Montoya
  • 1st Place – Experimental Design – Ayaan Rai and Ivana Tachim
  • 2nd Place – Mission Possible – Zoe Correa, Phillip Cisneroz and Olivia Solorzano
  • 2nd Place – Name the Scientist – Benjamin Jauregui and Juliette Montoya
  • 1st Place – Rock Hound – Phillip Cisneroz and Olivia Solorzano
  • 1st Place – Tennis Ball Catapult – Leonel Goncalves and Jovanny Roque
  • 1st Place – Trajeggtory – Tadeus Caban-Klepac and Zoe Correa
  • 2nd Place – Weather Permitting – Parshvi Gala and Srimye Konda

Archimedean Academy Scholars State Winners!