A Night of Shadows Cover

Director’s Note


Diana Turner is a young woman in 19th Century London, living alone with her 9-year-old brother, Nicholas. The both of them desperately try to make ends meet, as their father mysteriously disappeared 3 years ago. At the same time, London is being plagued with mysterious deaths and disappearances. The Londoners have named the nights of the attacks “Nights of Shadows”, as the murderers leave no track of who -or what- they are. The young investigator Henry Parker decides to find Diana’s missing father and associates his disappearance with the mysterious attacks.

Then, the rich nobleman Lord Beckett shows up and asks Diana to marry him. In her desperation for survival, she accepts and moves into his mansion with her brother mysterious things start coming up to the surface and Diana slowly realizes that there might be a dark secret covering Lord Beckett’s past; a secret intertwined with her own past and her father’s disappearance…

On February 23rd, let’s all celebrate our talented students in the AMC drama club’s original theatrical production “a night of shadows”. come join us. as we explore the concepts of family love, the strength of heart, and the importance of standing up for yourself, in a story full of thrills, mystery, and magic.


Production Staff


Script Mr. Zentelis

Editor Ms. Sanchez

Directors Ms. Sanchez & Mr. Zentelis

Dancing Instructor Ms. Berbedes

Hair & Make-up Ms Berdebes & Mayra Martinez (AUC Student)


Backstage Crew


  1. Linnea Flores
  2. Elizabeth Diaz
  3. Isabel Smerling
  4. Frances Lopez
  5. Leymi Hernandez




Scene 1 The Streets of London
Scene 2 Diana meets Henry
Scene 3 Lord Beckett’s Invitation
Scene 4 Madame Duval
Scene 5 The Ball


Scene 6 A New Home
Scene 7 The Book
Scene 8 The Secret Room
Scene 9 Edward Turner
Scene 10 A Night of Shadows
Scene 11 A New Day



1. Daniela Alfonso – Diana Turner

2. Edward Cortez –Lord Aaron Beckett

3. Aaron Andersen –Henry Parker

4. Ty Kilayko –Nicholas Turner

5. Patrick Suarez –Edward Turner

6. Ariana Lemos –Agatha

7. Camila Diaz –Abigail

8. Zoe Morales –Madame Duval

9. Lux Vargas –Vanessa Beckett

10. Carolina Miliancano –Esther Beckett

11. Laura Lopez –Lily Beckett

12. Charalampos Korfiatis –Jonathan Allen

13. Sophia Escobar –Mary Allen

14. Isabella Calderin – Vampire

15. Andres Hands –Vampire

16. Natalia Lopes –Vampire

17. Emma Delgado –Vampire

18. Alysa Rodriguez –Vampire

19. Ashley Prol –Vampire

20. Valery Alvarez –Vampire

21. Luke Hands –Dancer/ Londoner

22. Jonathan Barata –Dancer/ Londoner

23. Isabella Suarez – Dancer/ Londoner

24. Elizabeth Linares –Dancer/ Londoner

25. Gabriela Jimenez –Dancer

26. Chloe Plasencia –Dancer

27. Vanessa SanMartin –Dancer

28. Isabella Giraldo –Dancer

29. Lucas Aversa –Guest/Londoner

30. Trisha Duggireddy –Vampire