A.U.C. Holds Third Honor Roll Of The Year

It is not only about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)!

While the science and engineering teams at Archimedean Upper Conservatory are leading the way in academic competitions, bringing home medals and earning national recognition, our students (and faculty) are poised to show just how balanced and well-rounded their education is by excelling in Languages, Philosophy, History, Politics, and the Arts. The latest proof of how diverse our students’ interests and knowledge are comes from the teams who recently participated in the History Bowl & Bee State Championship.

On Saturday February 18th, eight A.U.C. students competed for about 8 hours at the Florida State History Bowl & Bee Championship. Their prize: A trip for all of them to the National History Bowl & Bee that will take place later in April in Washington, DC. A.U.C’s Varisty team comprised of Katherine Landa (senior), Raymond Maspons (junior – Team Captain), Diana Rodriguez (senior), and Aditya Shetty (sophomore) finished the day with 5 wins and 1 loss, ranking in the top 8 teams, qualifying for the national tournament. The Junior Varsity team, comprised of Yeorgia Kafkoulis (freshman), Ricardo Sosa (sophomore), Gustavo Valle (sophomore), and Emily Utset (freshman) finished the day ranking in the top 5 teams, also qualifying for the national tournament. A.U.C.’s History Bowl teams have been preparing for the competitions under the direction of their coach Mr.Yamron. The State Championship took place at the Chaminade Madonna High School (Hollywood, FL) and we would like to thank the organizers for their great hospitality, our students reporting that they had a blast!

In addition to both of our teams success in qualifying for the National History Bowl, three of our students, Yeorgia Kafkoulis, Aditya Shetty, and Gustavo Valle, ranked in the Top 10 in the individual History Bee event and qualified for the National History Bee tournament that will also take place in Washington, DC in conjunction with the National History Bowl.

This is the second year that A.U.C. students will participate at the highest level in the National History Bowl after a varsity team qualified for last year’s national tournament. Earlier this year, the director and soul of the National History Bowl and Bee, David Madden, even visited A.U.C. and discussed Archimedean’s unique and intellectually stimulating curriculum with history coach Todd Yamron and director Demetrios Demopoulos sharing his plans to promote and further advance the History Bowl and Bee competitions. This has us very excited about what the future has in store for our students and their passion for history!

We would like to congratulate all the team members and their coach Mr. Yamron for this success and wish them the best at the National tournament this April.