AMC Science Olympiad Wins Regionals!

On February 29th, 2020, AMC’s Science Olympiad teams competed in the Regional competition at Florida Atlantic University. There were a total of 25 teams AMC was competing against. Overall, AMC’s Team 1 earned 1st place, and our Team 2 earned 8th place.

Team 1 won 1st place in Disease Detectives (Jason Tang and Ayaana Majumdar), Water Quality (Saanvi Bucha and Isabella Morado), Dynamic Planet (Isabella Morado and Rajat Bidarkota), Reach for the Stars (Isabella Morado and Saanvi Bucha), Crime Busters (Saanvi Bucha and Ayaana Majumdar), Machines (Eleni Morales and Ayushi Panchal), Experimental Design (Ayushi Panchal, Madison Bencomo-Merino, and Harshith Duggireddy), Game On (Pranav Rai and Sofie Balmelli), and Ping-Pong Parachute (Eleni Morales and Orlando Miguez). They also placed 2nd for Anatomy and Physiology (Pranav Rai and Jason Tang), Ornithology (John Tebou and Rajat Bidarkota), Fossils (John Tebou and Rajat Bidarkota), Road Scholar (Eleni Morales and Saanvi Bucha), and Mission Possible (Madison Bencomo-Merino and Harshith Duggireddy); 3rd for Meteorology (John Tebou and Rajat Bidarkota), Boomilever (Orlando Miguez and Ettienne Caban-Klepac), and Mousetrap (Eleni Morales and Ettienne Caban-Klepac); 4th for Heredity (Pranav Rai and Sofie Balmelli), and Density Lab (Pranav Rai and Ayushi Panchal); and 6th for Food Science (Saanvi Bucha and Ayushi Panchal), and Write it Do it (Pranav Rai and Sofie Balmelli).

Team 2 placed 3rd in Ornithology (Daniel Sanchez and Adrian Rodriguez), and Circuit Lab (Jonathan Barata and David Suarez); 4th in Anatomy and Physiology (Vayun Yadav and Shaun Johnet), Disease Detectives (Shaun Johnet and Alejandra Betancourth), and Dynamic Planet (Daniel Sanchez and Adrian Rodriguez); and 5th in Game On (Dylan Rodriguez and Shaun Johnet).

Congratulations to both AMC Teams for shining at the tournament!.

Both teams have qualified for the State Competition at the University of Florida on March 21st, 2020.

Congratulations also to the coaches: Ms. Winkle, Mrs. Moser, Ms. Rodriguez, and Mr. Shahin. Special thanks to Dr. Kafkoulis (President of Archimedean Schools), Mr. Bardoutsos, and Mr. Mirhaj (AMC Principal) for their support