AMC’s SECME Team Competition Results

On Saturday, February 8th, AMC’s SECME Team took part in a competition at North Miami College. SECME is the competition for the creative and curious minds, that fosters engineering, mathematics, science, and communication. For the first time, AMC students received lectures from Dr. Kafkoulis, the Chairman of the Archimedean Schools. He taught them FUSION 360 software which is designed only for high school and college-level students.

Our SECME students exhibited professionalism and were highly motivated. They learned how to design, draw technical drawings, and witness 3D printing of the components designed on the Fusion 360.

GREAT JOB to all the participants and heartfelt gratitude to all the parents for their continuous support. In addition, our gratitude goes to the coaches of SECME: Dr. Kafkoulis, Mr. Bardoutsos, Mr. Shahin, and Ms. Caban.

Overall, we received First Place In Brainbowl and Third Place In Mathematics Challenge.

In addition to the team placement; Johnny Tebou (8th grade) placed First as Individuals Math and Rajat Bidarkota (8th) placed Third as Individuals Match.

We would like to acknowledge the rest of the SECME participants for representing our school


  • Eleni Morales (8th)
  • Sofie Balmelli (8th)
  • Sophia Reyes (7th)


  • Jason Tang (6th)
  • Anay Sharma (6th)
  • Ayaana Majumdar (6th)
  • Sailalitha Kodukula (7th)

Mathematics Challenge

  • John Tebou (8th),
  • Rajat Bidarkota (8th)
  • Sai Kodukula (7th)
  • Pranav Rai (6th)

Egg Drop

  • Adriana Pedrosa-Gonzalez (8th)
  • Gabriela Pujols (8th)

Mouse Trap Car

  • Ettienne Caban-Klepac (7th)
  • Eleni Morales (8th)


Ettienne Caban-Klepac (7th)