The Animal Farm Cover

Director’s Note


Mr. Jones’ farm is taken over by its underfed, overworked, and mistreated animals. With flaming idealism and inspiring slogans, the animal’s revolt against their human oppressor and set out to create a utopia of progress and justice, where “all animals are equal.” Thus, the stage is set for one of the most telling satiric fables ever written. A razor-edged fairy tale that starts with a revolution against human tyranny and ends up with animal totalitarianism.

When reading Animal Farm, Stalinist Russia appears as Orwell’s apparent target. But the Soviet Union and the betrayed promise of the Russian Revolution is just a starting point for George Orwell. Animal Farm follows a vision that, in its bitter wisdom, gives us a clear understanding of the possible consequences of our social and political acts, or our inaction. Today it is devastatingly clear that wherever and whenever freedom is attacked, under whatever flag, the meaning and message of Animal Farm is still brutally fresh.

Still, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Pigs take power over the other animals because they learn how to read and write. Educated pigs manipulate through power and propaganda the uneducated animals. But, knowledge is power for everybody and not only for the ill-intentioned, so animals can protect themselves from oppression by becoming well-educated. All animals are born equal, and young animals should not tolerate some animals to become “more equal” than others.


Production Staff


Directed by Dimitris Timpilis

Set by Dimitris Timpilis

Costumes, Props, Music Supervision by Dimitris Timpilis

Costume Construction by Madeleine Molinares

Light & Sound Consoles by Mikaela Villagran & Arike Coker

Historical Analysis by Kristen Merino

Dramatic Analysis by Dimitris Timpilis

Producer Dimitri Bardoutsos

Production Assistant Olga Bardoutsos

Production Assistant Nicolas Roussi

Set Construction by the AUC Drama Class

Poster & Program Design Dimitris Timpilis

Stage Photographer Dimitra Pantoulia

Social Media Lisa Ibarra-Rivera

Printing Olga Rios

Carpentry & Driver Luis Monzon

Catering Anitha Shetty


Dramatis personæ



  • Old Major: Roger Borrell
  • Napoleon: Thais Val
  • Snowball: Amabel Perez
  • Squealer: Alfonso Lopez


  • Boxer: Giancarlo Cabanilla
  • Young Clover: Christina Tsitouris
  • Old Clover: Nicole Fang
  • Winston (Clover’s son): Lucas Camacho
  • Benjamin (Donkey): Michael Sexton


  • Lucy: Tatiana Valdes
  • Josie: Maria Santallana
  • Cluck (rooster): Erick Vazquez


  • Reggie: Ronald Borrell
  • Prince: Devin Ponce


  • Snuggle Bottom: Mia Gaines
  • Cottonball: Victoria Grijalva
  • Fluffles: Leandro Hernandez
  • Lolo: Matthew Klein
  • Cloudy: Nicole Guevara


  • Jessie: Joan Ramos
  • Bluebell: Brianna Rodriguez


  • Mr. Jones: Gustavo Altimari
  • Mr. Whymper: Amabel Perez
  • Mr. Frederick: Erick Vazquez
  • Mr. Dumber: Matthew Klein