Archimedean’s 2020 Virtual Arts Show

What inspires us? Our world…our unique “wearable art” creations made out of recycled materials express our concerns for our planet and how we can be a part of a sustainable and eco-friendly community.

Trashion is a term for art, jewelry, fashion and objects for the home created from used, recycled material. Makingtraditional objects out of recycled materials can help us create awareness of the importance of this habit, in order to make a difference in our environment, this is why the AUC Visual Arts class would like to share their story…

The “art pieces” from our AP 2D Art and Design students reveal their hopes and internal dreams through the use of various means and techniques that define their artistic identity and position in this terrestrial plane.

We hope you enjoy our colorful and memorable ride this year as much as we did!