Fairchild Challenge Competition 2019-2020

Despite the unusual and nontraditional approach to the Fairchild Challenge Competition, Archimedean Upper Conservatory continued in completion of individual challenges and represented our school at the Zoom Symposium Event with the NASA scientists and judges of the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden and submitted necessary entries for the year-long 2019-2020 competition. Our perseverance bore fruits and our students won multiple awards and Special Merits.
AUC placed SECOND in the overall competition among 55 high schools from Miami-Dade County.

Fairchild Challence Logo 01

Individuals that stand out

  • Challenge #2 Fairchild’s Rare Plants = Special Merit “The Most Informative”- Jesenia Marin
  • Challenge #2 Fairchild’s Rare Plants = Special Merit “The Most Informative” – Safiya Zafar
  • Challenge #5 Green Cuisine = Special Merit ” Best Mix of Flavors” – Lauren Manso and Alexia Gomez
  • Challenge #6 Growing Beyond Earth = Special Merit “Great Enthusiasm” – Carlos Rivero, Daniel Rey, Guadalupe Obayi, Nathan Thomas, Isabella Vizoso

Group Placements

  • Challenge #3 – Connect to Protect Business Plan – Second Place = Seniors of AUC
  • Challenge #5 – Green Cuisine – Dis Du Jour – Second Place = Lauren Manso and Alexia Gomez

Special Acknowledgement

Ariana Sosa our senior is a recipient of Peacock Foundation Scholarship = Congratulations!