Greek Night 2015: Thank you for your Support

To all of our 3,000 guests, to all of our 100 volunteers, to all of our students who performed to the Organizing Committee & its leader Ms. Olga Bardoutsos.
Thank you!

Archimedean's 12th annual Greek Night | The most profitable Greek Night to date

Greek Night is an Archimedean tradition that integrates all of the vital aspects of the school as well as providing a convivial and entertaining evening for all guests. Greek Night has been held since the school first opened, and it has continually proven to be Archimedean’s most effective fundraiser, bringing in over $45,000 in profit this year alone.

Greek Night is spent celebrating each student’s progress while enjoying lively Greek culture. Families are able to choose from an endless variety of traditional Greek foods that are offered at the Taverna, which includes gyros, loukoumades, and Greek salads, while the children have the opportunity to go to the fair with a variety of rides and games. The fair features attractions like the octopus ride, a climbing wall, and even a bungee-jumping station. In addition to the rides, both adults and children have the opportunity to win great prizes like stuffed animals and goldfish. The audience is encaptured in the moment by the festive Greek music where they are able to connect with the atmosphere and get a feel for what is to transpire from the remainder of the night.

Next, there is the entertainment section of the evening. Every year, Ms.Tsitoura’s class of juniors films a movie, and this year it features characters such as Peter Pan played by Daniel Menendez and Little Red Riding Hood played by Lilian Rodriguez. Throughout the night, students of all grades gather around the courtyard and dance and sing to traditional Greek songs. Costanza Tremante and Nikki Sismanidis, both of Greek origin, led St. Andrew’s youth group, GOYA, in dances around the fountain. The audience is granted the opportunity to see how the students’ knowledge has advanced throughout the year and what they are generally learning in Greek class.

To conclude the night, the stage is prepared and the raffle winners are called. Participants who invested time and money into the school’s new building through the selling of tickets anxiously gather around the stage as the PTSO announces the winners of the contest. Once announced, the air is settled, and when the night finally comes to a close, everyone is satisfied. Ultimately, Greek Night is a day for recognizing and celebrating the history behind the principles and ideals of the school’s foundation that give way for the school’s welcoming and diverse environment as a whole.

Adrianna Hernandez