Greek Officials Visit Archimedean Schools for Language Promotion and Educational Exchange

We were honored to welcome Professor John Chrysoulakis, the Secretary-General for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with Mr. Loukas Tsokos, the Consul of Greece in Tampa, to Archimedean Schools on January 8, 2024.

The purpose of their visit was to discuss the promotion of the Greek language globally and to provide Greek officials with a firsthand understanding of the exceptional efforts and achievements of our students, teachers, and administration. This encounter aimed at fostering global awareness of the Greek Language also served as a platform for these esteemed officials to gain a comprehensive understanding of the tireless dedication of our educational community.

Our guests, together with the Archimedean Board members, had the opportunity to visit several classrooms of different grades, talk to the teachers and students, and see firsthand their progress in the Greek Language, but also in other subjects of our curriculum.

During their visit, both Professor Chrysoulakis and Consul Tsokos engaged in insightful discussions with all the teachers involved in delivering the Greek Curriculum at our schools. This open dialogue facilitated a deeper understanding of our educational practices, allowing for an enriching exchange of ideas and experiences.

The primary objective of the visit was not only to champion the cause of promoting the Greek Language on an international scale but also to celebrate the successes of our students and schools. Both officials expressed deep admiration for the outstanding achievements of our educational institution and the high standard of education offered to our students.

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