Helen Cover

Director’s Note


Based on the Greek myths and the ancient Greek play of the same name by Evrypides “Helen” explores the story of the legendary queen of Sparta from a different dynamic perspective.

Gods, kings queens, and unlikely heroes are all part of this mythological feast where Helen realizes she needs to find her own place in the world and fight for what’s right.

Our AMC drama students bring this play to life beautifully and invite you all to join them and share their talent with you!


Production Staff


Drama Club Instructors Ms. Sanchez and Mr. Zentelis

Music Instructor Mrs. Wrves

Choreography Dr. Berdebes

Hair & Make-Up Dr. Berdebes and Mayra Martinez

Decorations & Props Mrs. Vergara and Mrs. Veliz

Marketing/ Financial Manager Ms. Roussakis


Backstage Crew


  • Gilanna Levy
  • Sofia Sadir
  • Jazmine Stewart
  • Keyla Santallana
  • Camille Flores
  • Nicole Sanabria
  • Frances Lopez
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Melissa Santos
  • Ariel Castillo



Helen Keilyn Vazquez

Menelaus Lucas Camacho

Theonoe Ange Cortez

Theoclymenus Gabriel Urbina

Hera Ashley Hechavarria

Aphrodite Daniela Alfonso

Athena Brianna Castillo

Eris Ariana Lemos

Paris Andres Tremante

Agamemnon Edward Cortez

Hector Joseph Luis

Greek Μaid 1 Giuliana Vazquez

Greek Μaid 2 Sofia Baraybar

Greek Μaid 3 Natania Llerena

Egyptian Maid 1 Joan Ramos

Egyptian Maid 2 Ghyslaine Wambst

Messenger 1 George Thompson

Messenger 2 Stephanie Vanegas

Messenger 3 Cristina Varela

Soldier 1 Charalampos Korfiatis

Soldier 2 Anya Marques

Soldier 3 Carlota Perez

Soldier 4 Nicole Delgado

Soldier 5 Jamie Ramos

Helen Phantom Isabella Ambrosini