Interventions Made the Difference

The Archimedean Academy experienced academic excellence at a phenomenal level during the 2009-10 School Year

Archimedean Academy State of Florida School Ranking of 1890 Elementary Schools Overall – 6th Mathematics – 4th Reading – 14th Archimedean Academy Miami Dade County Ranking of 197 Elementary Schools: Overall – 1st Archimedean Academy State of Florida Charter Elementary Schools Overall – 1st This type of performance is not by accident.  Instruction must be rigorous, relevant, practical, purposeful, stimulating, and information intense.  Additionally, instructors must present all information in a manner that can be translated to positive change in the classroom.  Material must be adaptable to meet the interest and needs of various classroom populations.  This is no easy task.  The “one size fits all” mentality will not work. The Archimedean Academy implemented many interventions during the 2009-10 School Year to ensure that success was within the reach of all our students:
  • Technology – FCAT Explorer, VMath, Reading Plus, Riverdeep, Starfall, and Accelerated Reader
  • Tutoring – Voyager Reading before school, Mathematics pull-outs during school, Saturday School & Saturday Interventions (writing), Classroom push – in (additional assistance during the instructional block, After Care homework assistance
  • Parent Support – Team Parent Meetings, Prescriptive Homework Packets
During the 2010 summer months, the Archimedean Academy continued to intervene with students via 2 instruction programs: Onsite Summer Support – Selected students attended “Reading Summer Support” to strengthen their literacy skills.  The program provided diagnosis, instruction, practice, and assessment of literacy skills.  The program had 3 objectives:  1 – minimize achievement gaps, 2 – Prevent academic losses suffered over summer months, 3 – Enhance personal writing skills.  Classes were small (5 – 9) and taught by Archimedean teachers. Offsite Summer Support – Selected students are given access to the researched based online Reading Plus intensive reading program.  Students were assigned 25 lessons to complete with feedback begin sent to the parents every 3 weeks.  The program objective was to provide students with a more structured summer reading program to prevent academic losses suffered over the summer months. All these programs required a high level of commitment from administrators, instructional personnel, students, and parents.  But with true commitment comes true success.  The Academy is proud of our current success, but we are determined to be even better.   We will continue to leave no stone uncovered in our quest to intervene on the behalf of Archimedean students.
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