Mitsou Georgios AMC Faculty

Mitsou, Georgios | Grade 8 Greek Mathematics

I am a Greek mathematician with 32 years of experience in teaching mathematics in public schools as well as in the private sector in Greece. I have a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics (Kapodistriako University of Athens) and a Med in Teaching and Methodology in Mathematics (Kapodistriako University of Athens- University of Cyprus). I have been a Vice Principal in a Greek school for two years and co-author of several teaching books on Mathematics. I strongly believe that learning is a value for life. I have been attending courses and training which help me innovate my teaching methods. Among my interests are the implementation of Information and New Technologies in the classroom and effective scaffolding of learning. I have traveled in Europe meeting other colleagues in European training courses and I have exchanged good practices with them. I started teaching at Archimedean Academy in November 2017, thrilled to experience such a challenging and supporting school environment.