Oh My Poseidon Cover

Director’s Note

Inspired by tales from Greek mythology, “Oh my Poseidon!” explores the story of teenage Poseidon, before he was the mighty commander of the seas. Gods, Monsters, and all kinds of magical creatures are part of this mythological feast, as Poseidon realizes that privilege comes with great responsibility.

Our AMC drama students bring this play to life beautifully and invite you all to join them and share their talent with you!


Poseidon wasn’t always a powerful god of the seas. Back, at the beginning of time, he was just an insecure teenager, a middle child trying to find his place in the world. So when his mighty brother, Zeus, decided he would rule the skies, their brother Hades would rule the underworld and he, Poseidon, would rule the seas, he did everything he could to prove he was as great and as powerful as his brothers… and failed. He tried to impress the beautiful mortal girl Medusa with his almighty Trident of the Seven Seas. Thinking that she liked him, he created one of the world’s most horrible monsters, a villain capable of threatening him and the rest of the gods.

Disappointed by himself and deeply hurt by his brothers’ comments, Poseidon decides to give up his undersea kingdom. He throws away his powerful trident, somewhere in the darkest depths of the oceans, and ventures off to his cousin Calypso’s island, a tropical paradise. There he hopes to forget everything and start a careless life with no worries and no responsibilities. All is well, until a group of young sea gods, full of dreams and hard-working spirit arrive on the island, including the beautiful nymph Amphitrite. Impressed by their sense of responsibility, (and while his true identity remains a secret), Poseidon starts to doubt the decision he made of giving up his duties.

In the meantime, the vengeful Medusa has found a way to the sea god’s mighty trident and is ready to bring chaos to Poseidon, to the lives of everyone he cares about, and to the rest of the world, aided by her menacing followers, the cruel Harpies. Whoever has the trident, is capable of challenging the gods themselves… but is a mighty weapon’s power stronger than the strongest heart?

The Characters

Poseidon is the middle child of Cronus and Rhea. After Cronus’ death, his brother, Zeus, distributes the world among himself, Hades and Poseidon. Poseidon tries to prove he’s as powerful as his brothers, but he makes a terrible mistake, creating a monster out of a girl called Medusa, a threat to mortals and immortals alike. In his despair, he gives up his undersea kingdom and disappears in a faraway location, Calypso’s island. Soon though, he will meet a group of young sea gods who will make him realize his decision might not be the solution to his mistakes. Medusa will threaten the ones he loves and he will finally have to be the hero he always wanted to become.

Zeus is the youngest son of Cronus and Rhea. He defeated his tyrant father Cronus and he gained control of the world. Since that day, he thinks he is the best thing that ever happened to the universe. Cocky and selfish, he finds it very amusing to harass Poseidon and make him feel less than what he actually is. His brother, Hades, always follows him and flatters him. Zeus is the one who makes Poseidon give up his kingdom and flee.

Hades is Cronus and Rhea’s eldest son. He was given the kingdom of the Underworld to rule. At first, he’s not very excited, but afterward, he gets to enjoy his new realm. He doesn’t have much of a personality of his own. He pretty much follows Zeus in whatever he does, including harassing Poseidon.

Calypso is Poseidon’s cousin and the owner of a private island and a business called “Calypso’s Spa and Resort”. Calypso has taken a sacred oath to always accommodate those in need. Sadly, a god or immortal can also stay as much as they want on her island, making her their eternal servant. Her cousin, the sea god Proteus, has taken advantage of her hospitality and when Poseidon arrives on her island, Proteus suggests that he does the same; eternal vacation.

Medusa was a beautiful but power-hungry mortal girl. When she met young Poseidon, she realized that was her chance to make a god fall in love with her, so she can gain some of his power; Unfortunately, Poseidon fell for her trap and gave her powers. When he realized that she tricked him though, he cursed her to change into a monster. Medusa gained the power to destroy everything or everyone who crossed her path but also swore to take revenge on the one who cursed her.

Grandfather Ocean was the Sea ruler before Poseidon inherited the Underwater Kingdom. A Titan himself, he’s so old, he can’t wait to retire. When Poseidon visits him to take advice on his new duties, Ocean realizes his grandson does not believe ruling the seas is important. Ocean then gives Poseidon a much-needed prep-talk and a very special gift (and a powerful weapon); the Trident of the Seven Seas.

Amphitrite, Nereus, and Triton
Amphitrite is a young Sea Nymph and an aspiring marine biologist. She arrives at Calypso’s island with her two friends, the sea god Nereus, who’s studying to become a sea vet, and the sea god Triton, who’s studying to become a famous musician. Her mind only set on her studies, Amphitrite has come to the island to study the coral reef’s wildlife. Her determination, creativity, and sense of responsibility will wake Poseidon up and make him realize it was a mistake to give up his duties.

Proteus is a Sea God who is extremely lazy and has been residing in Calypso’s island with no intention to interrupt his everlasting vacation anytime soon. He is completely taking advantage of her oath to accommodate gods and immortals and he tries to convince Poseidon that, living in his own bubble is the solution to all his problems. It’s all about having fun and having no responsibilities to worry about. At first, Poseidon tries to adopt that mentality but eventually realizes otherwise.

Rhea is Zeus’, Hades’, and Poseidon’s mother. She favored Zeus when he was a baby (he was the one she chose to hide away from his crazy father, Cronus), but she has recently realized that Poseidon is the one who really cares for his mother. Knowing she wasn’t fair to him when he was only a child, she tries to make it up to him by supporting him and defending him against his brothers’ bullying. Soon, her love, care and support lift Poseidon’s spirit and make him the most powerful of them all.

The Harpies (Lithi, Zilia, and Electra)
The Harpies were originally vultures, feeding off of animals’ and people’s dead bodies.
When Medusa encountered them, she felt sorry for them and turned them into bird-women, the sinister Harpies. Since then, the Harpies serve Medusa as their Mistress and they fly far and wide to give her all kinds of information and do all kinds of malicious acts on her behalf. They are the ones who bring to her Poseidon’s lost Trident.

The Mermaids (Hydra, Almira, and Cyana)
The Mermaids are the sea nymph Calypso’s companions and co-workers, at Calypso’s Spa and Resort. They are the ones serving the guests and making sure they are accommodated properly. Although one of them, Hydra, is fed up with pampering lazy Proteus, when Poseidon arrives on the island she becomes star-struck with him and his greatest fan (mainly because of his looks). These mermaids are boy-crazy, vain, and not particularly bright.

Production Staff

Original Screenplay by Aris Zentelis

Editing by Joanna Sanchez
Music and Lyrics by Aris Zentelis & Cecil Wrves
Directors Joanna Sanchez & Aris Zentelis
Choreographer Christina Berdebes


Act I
Scene 1 – “Sharing the World”
Scene 2 – “Grandfather Ocean”
Scene 3 – “The Meeting”
Scene 4 – “Medusa”
Scene 5 – “Poseidon’s Decision”
Scene 6 – “Calypso’s Island”


Act II
Scene 7 – “Medusa’s Plan”
Scene 8 – “New Arrivals”
Scene 9 – “Poseidon and Amphitrite”
Scene 10 – “Medusa Gets the Trident”
Scene 11 – “Amphitrite’s Gone!”
Scene 12 – “Medusa’s Revenge”
Scene 13 – “King of the Seven Seas”



Zeus Edward Cortez
Hades Andres Tremante
Poseidon Lucas Camacho
Rhea (Poseidon’s Mother) Ashley Hechavarria
Ocean(Poseidon’s Grandfather)Sophia Escobar
Zoe the Dolphin Zoe Morales
Calypso (Sea Nymph, Poseidon’s Cousin) Lux Vargas
Proteus (Sea Deity, Poseidon’s Cousin) Andres Hands



The Three Mermaids
Hydra Ariana Lemos
Cyana Sofia Figueroa
Almira Laila Tomas



The Three Harpies
Electra Guadalupe Obayi
Zilia Cristina Varela
Lithi Sofia Baraybar



Amphitrite (Sea Nymph) Daniela Alfonso
Triton (Sea Deity) George Thompson
Nereus (Sea Deity) Harry Korfiatis
Medusa Angie Cortez



Evelyn Freire, Mario Perez, Trisha Duggireddy, Vanessa SanMartin, Melanie Garcia, Chloe Plasencia