Solis Jonathan  AMC Faculty

Solis, Jonathan | Grade 6 Philosophy

Jonathan Solis graduated with honors from Florida International University in 2017 obtaining a Bachelors Degree in both Philosophy and Psychology with a specialization in Developmental Cognitive Science. In addition to these accolades, Jonathan was committed to several research projects including FIU’s H.A.N.D’s lab which studied infant motor behavior in relation to language development, UM’s federally funded childhood literacy program studying second-language learning in 4th grade children, and a host of other research projects. Furthermore, Jonathan served as lead tutor for FIU’s Philosophy Department and continues to contribute published work in Philosophy of Mind. In the summer of 2019, Jonathan was selected as an esteemed contributor to MIT’s Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence think-tank. Currently, Jonathan is part of Archimedean’s big family and a proud faculty member for the 6th grade team.