Writer’s note

I loved the endless possibilities the concept of A.I.s offered. Once I started thinking about what to write, idea after idea kept popping into my head. After a few months, I had written all kinds of scenes and experimented with different types of characters ranging from the serious to the absurd. Seeing the scenes performed on stage was a truly fascinating experience for me and I hope watching the scenes will be as fun as it was for me to write them. If you laugh or if you enjoy yourself during the play, know it was all due to the collective effort of the drama team: the actors and the actresses, the set and prop crew, and the directors. They are the ones that make the scenes come to life and they are the ones that I’m glad to have worked with for the past school year. Also, shoutout to the other writers that wrote a scene in the play! Their scenes gave me new content to consume and inspiration to write better scenes. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the play!
Yuxin Jiang


Director’s note

On May 11, 1997, a significant milestone in AI history was recorded when IBM’s Deep Blue beat Grandmaster Garry Kasparov, the reigning world chess champion. Almost two decades later, DeepMind’s AlphaGo triumphed over Go champion, Lee Se-Dol, in mid-March 2016. Lee subsequently announced his retirement in November 2019, stating that “AI is an entity that cannot be defeated.” Fast forward to January 5, 2021, OpenAI’s DALL·E 2 emerged, employing the Transformer technology to craft realistic images and art simply from natural language descriptions using GPT-3.

These remarkable advances sparked an idea. I challenged my students to envision a world where Artificial Intelligence was an everyday reality in areas like caregiving and personal assistance. We immersed ourselves in films, documentaries, YouTube videos, and online content showcasing the AI journey and its potential profound societal implications. Our exploration revolved around AI’s capability to express emotions, its creative potential, and the intriguing question of AI consciousness.

Starting from August 2022, the students have been engaged in dynamic improvisation sessions, scene-drafting workshops, and heated discussions about the play you are about to witness. Little did we anticipate that ChatGPT would take the world by storm on November 30, 2022. How will AI evolve in the future? We don’t know. It’s a realm where only science fiction dares to look into, exploring the endless possibilities. And that’s precisely what “What’s Left of Us?” offers – a compelling science fiction anthology on Artificial Intelligence. Sit back and join us on this exciting journey into the unknown.
Dimitris Timpilis

Production Staff


Written by
Yuxin Jiang
Dimitris Timpilis
Adam Byko
Lux Vargas

Dimitris Timpilis
Lux Vargas

Assistant Directors
Elizabeth Linares
Sarah Grimes

History of Artificial Intelligence
Dimitris Timpilis

Creative Writing Workshops 
Adam Byko

Philosophy of Consciousness
Ted Towner

Blade Runner (1982) Movie Analysis
Adam Byko

Dramatic Analysis
Dimitris Timpilis

Sets | Costumes | Lights
Christina Torrejon

Lighting Console
Sofia Zamudio

Audio Console
Ignacio Iriarte

Stage Managers
Anastasis Korfiatis
Daniel Heredia
Joseph Cho

Hair & Makeup
Christina Torrejon

Executive Producer
Dimitris Timpilis

Co-executive Producer
Christina Torrejon

Archimedean Upper Conservatory

Christina Torrejon

Poster | Program | Social Media | Web
Panteles Xerohemonas

Olga Rios

Olga Bardoutsos



  • The Cheat
  • No Regrets
  • Robots Got Talent
  • Warning
  • Urgent Care
  • Human Microbiome
  • Do Us Part
  • Welcome to the First Tour
Whats Left of Us A Sci Fi AI Anthology Poster Poster

List of Scenes

The Cheat

Writer Lux Vargas
Director Lux Vargas & Dimitris Timpilis

  • Liandro Hudson | Esteban Morales
  • Michelle Knewman | Sarah Grimes
  • Dion Richardson | Kevin Fernandez
  • Sheryl Jackson | Naomy Sanabria
  • Prof. Davis | Emily Cordero


No Regrets

Writer Adam Byko
Director Dimitris Timpilis

  • Melanie | Lux Vargas
  • Leah | Elizabeth Linares


Robots Got Talent

Writer Yuxin Jiang
Director Dimitris Timpilis
Video Ignacio Diaz

  • Megan | Naomy Sanabria
  • Cherry | Eleni Karavia
  • Contestants | Sarah Grimes
  • Mera | Emily Cordero
  • Daniel | Kevin Fernandez
  • Rebecca the AI | Yuxin Jiang



Writer Yuxin Jiang
Director Dimitris Timpilis & Lux Vargas

  • Maria Santana | Paola Febles
  • Ariel Santana | Nicole Ruiz
  • Gabriel Smith | Alejandro Eva-Barillas
  • Allison McGlocklin | Elizabeth Linares


Urgent Care

Writer Yuxin Jiang
Director Dimitris Timpilis

  • Dr. Sassa | Lux Vargas
  • Dr. Lopez | Alejandro Eva-Barillas
  • Mechie | Kevin Fernandez
  • Ginger | Christos Tsakirakis


Human Microbiome

Writer Dimitris Timpilis
Director Dimitris Timpilis

  • Elon | Lux Vargas
  • Trev | Elizabeth Linares


Do Us Part

Writer Yuxin Jiang
Director Dimitris Timpilis & Lux Vargas

  • Luanne | Eleni Karavia
  • Charlie | Christos Tsakirakis
  • Hannah | Sabrina Alvarez


Welcome to the First Tour

Writer Yuxin Jiang
Director Dimitris Timpilis

  • Your Guide | Lux Vargas